How to get a job in Poland, if you have a small child?

2019 | 02 | 04 926

Going to work abroad to provide for his family, but not seeing her for half a year, has long been not the only employment option in Europe. Today, every labor immigrant has the opportunity not only to find a decent job in Poland, to take his family with him, but even to receive benefits under the special program “Family 500+”.

Support for foreign workers in Poland

From 2016, our compatriots can count on state support in the amount of 500 zlotys per month for one minor family member. In this case, for the issuance of benefits net income is net of taxes. The amount per one healthy family member should not be more than 800 zlotys, and if a family member has a disability, then 1200 zlotys. This restriction applies only to the first child, i.e. if you have two or more children, then all the others will receive help regardless of this.

The manual is given to those who can document their employment in Poland. With a stay or work visa card and access to the local labor market, you no longer need to leave children in your home country if you are afraid that you will not be able to provide them abroad. A small financial support for the first time, you are guaranteed. If the work starts to bring more income, then benefits will deprive you.

Work in Poland for single women with children

If, due to circumstances, you are forced to raise a child without a husband, then it is more than realistic to combine this with living and working in Poland. And it is not necessary to look for a nanny or kindergarten for him, you can find a vacancy where he will be under your supervision all the time. Single women with children are often employed in Polish families as nannies. If your children and your employers are about the same age, it will even facilitate your work, because they will be able to play together. Another advantage of such vacancies is: immersing a child in a language environment, where he can learn Polish or English from an early age.

To receive a single mother's allowance, you must provide the relevant documents confirming her status:

  • death certificate of the second parent;
  • formal deprivation of a father of parental rights;
  • judicial decision exempting the pope from paying alimony when the mother maintains
  • her child on her own.


Help for parents with unmarried children

In the case, if you work in Poland with your spouse, but your marriage is not officially registered and you receive benefits as a single mother, then only an official guardian will provide financial assistance if you have documents in the same way as a single woman.

If two parents work in Poland, but are divorced, while providing the child with joint efforts, then both can rely on financial support. The only caveat, when making allowances, you must specify how much time he spends with each parent. Depending on this, the amount of financial assistance will be calculated.

What documents are needed to get help?
To receive benefits in Poland, working parents must provide:

  • an application indicating the names of the applicant and children, the address of registration and actual residence, data on the place of birth of children and
  • citizenship, the marital status of the parents;
  • passport details;
  • official certificate of income.

If you are looking for a job in Poland and you know that you will take the children with you, then it is better to take care of the paperwork in advance. As well as about finding a job, this is not the case when you can look for a job when you arrive in a foreign country. Find jobs that interest you for employment can be on the exchange (link).

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