It will be easier for Ukrainians to work in Germany

2019 | 03 | 15 3037

According to the information and news agency of Germany - DW, the leadership of Germany adopted an important law for labor migration. The decree is designed to significantly simplify the process of employment of specialists from countries outside the European Union. The details of this document and what prospects it opens for the work of Ukrainians are our small informational review.

In order to maintain the rapidly growing pace of economic development, Germany feels the need to attract labor from outside. With this position in the Government two parties of Germany have long acted. Along with them, representatives of conservative political trends: the CSU and the CDU, which have ruled the country for more than 10 years, have delayed the adoption of this law for a long time. Politicians motivated this by the fact that the process of facilitating the employment of migrants could provoke the already existing social tension in society.

At the end of December last year, representatives of the ruling party decided to put a bullet on the issue of labor migration. December 19, 2018, the German leadership approved the law on employment of Ukrainians. And now it remains the case for small things - for this initiative to be supported by the parliament.

In Germany, Ukrainians can work without a diploma of higher education

The main provisions of the bill were ratified in the fall. This information was made public by the German Minister of the Interior. He said that the main problem of the development of the German economy is a lack of personnel, and, apparently, without attracting migrants to work, including Ukrainians, the situation can be significantly aggravated.

The decree was made to successfully regulate the flow of workers in Germany and significantly facilitate the procedure for employment of Ukrainians and citizens of other non-EU countries. It is noteworthy that this applies not only to personnel with a diploma of higher education, but also working specialties, as well as low-skilled personnel.

Visitors from other countries, including Ukrainians - graduates of vocational schools, vocational schools, colleges, at the moment, if they meet certain requirements, they can get a job in German companies and, not least, a residence permit. According to a recent decree, all Ukrainians looking for work will have this privilege. To do this, the applicant is only required to go through the procedure to confirm their professional qualifications.

Features of the new law regulating the work of Ukrainians in Germany

To date, the list of regulated specialties in Germany involves more than 60 professions. This figure is 14 more than it was a couple of years ago. In addition, there is one more important innovation: now, when they start work, Ukrainians will have the same rights as EU citizens. This can not but rejoice our compatriots going to work in Germany. However, the leadership of Germany reserves the opportunity to limit the quotas for some professions. This may be due to the risk of recession in some sectors of the economy, and vacancies will be in short supply for German citizens.

The new legislation also says that labor migrants from Ukraine and other non-EU countries can get a job upon arrival in Germany:

  • prior to the adoption of this law, the Ukrainians were required to conclude an
  • agreement with the employing company before leaving for work;
  • the labor contract played the role of documentary evidence that the specialist already has a job in a German company;
  • currently, a Ukrainian who has successfully passed a qualification confirmation and is fluent in a language can come to Germany and within 6 months has the right to search for a suitable vacancy.
  • During this job search, the applicant will not receive social benefits and must provide proof that he can provide for himself. Along with simplifying the procedure for employing Ukrainians to work, the German leadership also intends to simplify the process of recognizing documents on vocational education of foreigners, which will enable many Ukrainians to come to work in Germany.

What will happen to the refugees?

At this point in the ruling circles there remains an open question regarding the change of the status of refugees who have been refused in granting political patronage, but already having work in Germany. After heated debates on this topic of labor migration, the German leadership was forced to refuse such an amendment to the law.

Instead, innovations in the law provide another opportunity. A labor migrant will be given a temporary delay from expulsion to his homeland for a period of 2 years. But this is only if the refugee works in Germany for at least 1.5 years, at least 35 hours a week, and the necessary contributions to the German budget are withheld from wages.

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