Work as a su-chef: specifics of the profession, required skills and job responsibilities

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Who is sous-chef and what is his task in the kitchen

Many people do not even know what the sous-chef does in the kitchen. In fact, for visitors to restaurants and public catering, everyone who spends working time in the kitchen of the place is a cook. And already their classification does not matter. But the one who looked and visited behind the scenes of the restaurant’s cuisine represents a difficult hierarchy among chefs. Sous-chef in this hierarchy immediately after the chef, i.e. second person in the kitchen.

Duties of sous-chef

In fact, he almost completely duplicates the duties of a chef and, in the absence of the latter, fully replaces him. Depending on the popularity of the restaurant, the turnover of visitors, the requirements of the authorities sous-chef may or may not be on the staff of the chefs. In the latter case, his duties can be performed by any other cook working at the institution and appointed by the chef.

Duties of sous-chef:

Replaces the chef in his absence. It assumes all organizational and managerial functions in the kitchen.
Gives orders, monitors what each of the subordinates does. Regulates cooking activities, makes adjustments to improve workflows.
Monitors food: makes lists of products for purchase. It may also receive goods, assessing the quality of food and, with low or inadequate quality, return to the seller.
Monitors the implementation of sanitary requirements from employees.
Controls the processes and technologies of cooking.
Evaluates the presentation of the dish before serving. In some institutions, it is engaged in the presentation of the finished culinary product.
Determines the work schedule of employees, puts shifts, hours: who, how much, when it comes out.
Responsible for the technical equipment: the proper operation of kitchen utensils, draws up lists for the purchase of the required equipment and equipment, writes applications for the necessary repair or replacement of equipment.
Monitors employee compliance with the rules of the employment contract, as well as safety.
Develops curricula for employees, conducts and is looking for suitable seminars, workshops, lectures. Trains new employees. Must decipher the technology, composition and method of preparation of each dish from the menu.
Is a cook at least 5 digits: systematically preparing dishes. He understands the techniques and technologies of cooking, understands recipes, knows what each of the dishes in the menu should mean in composition, as well as the ingredients used.
In general, the profession of sous-chef is to be able to cook, store, monitor products and employees, be able to build the work of the wards, follow the trends and technologies in the global kitchen, consumer demand. From the chef is different level of responsibility and, perhaps, culinary rank.

Where to look for work sous-chef

In restaurants, kitchens at boarding houses, hotels, resorts. In institutions of lower coverage, this profession may be absent altogether, or it may be partially performed by one of the cooks.

The region of employment also depends on the desired salary. The average sous-chef gets more in the Balkan and European countries, if we compare his income with Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other CIS countries. In addition, in resort countries like Greece, Italy, Turkey and others there is an increased demand for these specialists in the tourist period.

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