Work as a cook on the ship

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The work of a cook on a ship: how to find, what to prepare for
The task of the cook on the ship is to prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner on a schedule for the whole team, regardless of the weather, personal experiences. Additionally, prepare pastries, cupcakes, cookies for coffee time, take into account the preferences of the whole team. Kok has a special influence on the mood of the crew: tasty, nourishing food improves mood, gives energy to work on the deck. Food that is not tasteful and cooked without adherence to technological processes can even lead to conflict situations among the crew.

The cook is responsible for the health of passengers, crew. Failure to comply with hygiene standards, the use of low-quality products, violations in the cooking technology end in massive food poisoning of varying severity. Such responsibility requires that applicants for a position of certain qualities:

  • be able to determine the quality of products;
  • have culinary experience, experience;
  • know the technology of cooking, recipes;
  • comply with hygiene standards when working with products;
  • to be healthy.

Good physical shape, knowledge of foreign languages, sociability, responsiveness will be useful if you get on the ship as a coca.

Who will work the cook on the ship
You have to get up before everyone else and cook for 10-20, sometimes 100-1000 people (if they are cruise ships). Follow the provisions: make lists of products for purchase, get supplies, evaluate the quality, store all food items correctly, get rid of those that can lead to disorders, food poisoning in time. It is necessary to keep the campus clean, cook for everyone (the crew can be Muslim, vegetarians, people with food intolerance, etc.). Go to bed later than everyone.

Therefore, physically and mentally fit people can become kok. It is necessary to carry out all day standing, to carry heavy products, bags, etc. This is one of the reasons why men are more likely to become coca than women.

Another responsibility is fire safety. Total, two main horror stories of ship cooks:

  • fire;
  • mass food poisoning.

How to find a job coc
On the Internet there are current vacancies from shipowners, crewing managers on job search sites. To get the desired position - we recommend to make a high quality resume in Russian and English. If you speak other foreign languages, take a little more time to translate your CV (curriculum vitae). So you increase the chances of getting a suitable job offer.

You will find a sample on the Internet. The CV (resume) requirements in each country are different: consider this when completing the form. Look for examples on specialized sites, as well as other applicants.

In addition to standard items, be sure to include the following:

  • purpose of posting a resume;
  • desired Salary;
  • recommendations from previous employers;
  • additional information that characterizes you.

Describe in detail the experience, skills, experience. Your work will surely be rewarded with good work!

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