Work and work permit in Serbia

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Let's start with something pleasant - any citizen of Russia or Ukraine can come to Serbia without a visa, BUT ... only for 30 days and only for the purpose of tourism. Not bad, to look for work on the spot, to meet with the employer and discuss all the nuances of future work, on the other hand, you will have to leave the country in a month and deal with the paperwork at a distance. And provided that they do not like to hurry in the Balkans, it can cost you hundreds of nerve cells. It is much calmer and more efficient to start looking for work through specialized sites and negotiate new work, as they say, on the job.

How to look for a job

For starters, you should pay attention to the official website of the Serbian National Employment Service -

There are a few more sites that host a large number of job ads:


In order to take full advantage of them, you need to be proficient in Serbian or English. Although, if you are going to labor immigration, the language you have to learn. And you should not have illusions that, despite all the similarities, it will be easy to learn it.

Probably the best way to find a job is to look for representative offices of Russian or Ukrainian companies, and view a list of vacancies. In such offices, salaries are somewhat higher than Serbian employers can offer, and it is much easier to get there.

Income and expenses

A few figures for comparison: the average salary (net) in Serbia is about 400 euros; the official minimum wage per hour is 1.6. Not so much. At the same time, gasoline is much more expensive than in Russia or Ukraine, a communal apartment costs about 100 per month, the grocery basket is definitely not cheaper.

Advantages and disadvantages

With a sufficiently large number of advantages: the similarity of the language and mentality, quick registration of a work visa, social security, low crime rates, there is one big disadvantage - the number of vacancies for foreigners is very small. Unlike Montenegro, Croatia or Slovenia, there is no such tourist flow here, so citizens of Russia, Ukraine or Belarus will more likely find a job in construction or in production. Seasonal workers in Serbia are recruited into the agricultural sector, but their wages are the smallest in the country. The oil, gas, financial, information and pharmaceutical industries are expected to be paid higher. If you are lucky and you are an expert in one of these industries, then you have something to hope for. Most often, immigrants from the post-Soviet space find their use as waiters, nannies, housekeepers or carers. Earn fabulous money will not work, but you can enjoy good ecology and food.

Labor legalization

According to Serbian legislation, in order to work in the country, a foreigner is required to have a work visa, work permit and temporary residence permit.

After you have signed a labor contract, your employer will issue a work permit for you, and it will be necessary for him to justify how you surpass local citizens who want to take this cherished place. Indeed, before offering a place to a foreigner, the employer is obliged to offer it to unemployed applicants from Serbia. If within a month no one responded, then he has the right to consider applicants from other countries.

Then you apply for a work visa at your place of residence, and in a week fly to meet your dream. Upon arrival, during the day you must register and obtain a temporary residence permit. As a rule, permission is issued from three months to one year, with the right to renew for another year.

For violation of labor laws, very impressive fines are provided - up to 8 thousand euros and a ban on employment in the future.

 There is another way to go to Serbia - to buy real estate there. You can not work, but a residence permit will give.

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