Why are more families abroad looking for a couple in a country house?

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Work for a Couple Abroad: How to Find Good Workers?

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Do you have a country house, but there is too much need to finish and tidy up? Now imagine your home in a different light: a comfortable place where everything just shines with cleanliness, and the work is done at the highest level without your participation. By the time you arrive, questions about servicing the house have been resolved, and you will have a well-groomed area, clean windows and ironed bed linen, as well as a delicious dinner prepared.

This can become a reality if you take as a helper a married couple who will live in the house and do all the work for you.

 Why exactly a married couple?

In our time, more and more employers are choosing a married couple who will take care of the house and perform all necessary types of work both inside the house and outside. Such assistants may even live in the house with their family or in a separate house for servants.

A married couple is so much in demand as a home helper, as two people, working in pairs, perform different functions. The couple, having properly assigned responsibilities, will be able to keep the house clean and tidy so that the owner comes on weekends just to relax with family or friends, without thinking about caring for cleaning, repairing or cooking.

In addition, the couple maintain each other, which makes the work and living in someone else's house more comfortable for them. One person as an assistant may not have time, and also not be able to carry out the entire list of necessary works. Moreover, he can feel isolated, living all the time alone in a house outside the city, which can negatively affect the quality of the work performed.

That is why work for a married couple abroad is a common request for both employers and applicants.

What is the duty of a couple in a country house?

In general, the couple is engaged in full business management in the house.

Cleaning and laundry
The duties of a woman usually include cleaning the house, washing and ironing bed linen, clothes, curtains, etc. Also, a married couple should take care of furniture, clean carpets, dry cleaning, washing windows.

Control of the operation of internal systems
The man, as a rule, controls the basic systems of the house - electricity and water supply, alarm and others.

Payment and purchase
In addition, the couple is also assigned a list of cases related to payment and purchase. So, the couple is often responsible for paying bills, as well as for purchasing products, detergents, interior items and so on.

 Repair work and maintenance of the adjacent territory
Also, a married couple, if necessary, performs repair work or controls the process if the owner hired other workers to perform repairs. Another couple is responsible for the territory around the house: caring for plants and mowing lawns, cleaning leaves and snow, etc. If the house has pets, then the couple should also look after and take care of them, regularly feed them or even take them to a veterinarian or a cynologist.

Organization of family holidays
As additional responsibilities, the couple may be asked to organize family celebrations and banquets - prepare everything necessary, make a menu, cook food, etc. Also, a man or woman can sometimes be asked to drive / bring something or meet / deliver the owner of the house or guests, such thus fulfilling the function of the driver (of course, in the presence of a driver's license).

 What else is important to know?

A married couple can be hired as an assistant in a country house without work experience. And even if this is a job in Europe for married couples, then applicants can be considered and without knowledge of the language. But you need to be prepared that the couple will be required to provide the necessary list of documents, and in the process of work - reporting on spending on the house.

The cost of the services of a married couple as an assistant depends on many factors, but an average of 500 euros per month. This is an approximate salary, the size of which is affected by the experience and qualifications of the staff, the number of working hours, the availability of additional duties, etc.

 Take the choice of a serious couple!

Having a couple as assistants in a country house, the owner of the house will be able to come there just for leisure and spending time with close people. There will be no longer any need for additional work on the house on the weekends, as well as in constant concerns regarding bills, repairs, etc. - these issues will be solved in a telephone mode or even without the intervention of the owner. But that's why it is very important to approach the choice of people who will live and work in your home, as carefully as possible, consider many candidates, and choose those whom you can trust your home with.


Good luck to you!

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