Work for pensioners in the Balkan countries

2018 | 10 | 03 3046

Work for pensioners in the Balkans

In our country, unfortunately, one can only dream of a secure old age. The size of pensions leaves much to be desired, and finding a job to reach retirement age is rather a great success than a common practice. And those who are 50-60 years old, usually the first to fall under the reduction.

And if you were told that employment in the Balkans, even in old age, is a very real prospect? What you can find a job in Bulgaria, Croatia or Turkey and ensure a comfortable old age?

We define our strengths
You need to approach the job search abroad with all the responsibility. Especially if you are a pensioner. You need to understand that your chances of finding a job are lower than those of young people. But it’s not worth while to give up.

What can increase your chances?

Knowledge of foreign language. At least English. But if you expect to find work in Italy, then the possession of Italian, too, would have to be the way. Although the Balkans, and a lot of Russian-speaking population.
Qualifications, experience and special knowledge. Anything that will add value to you as a professional in a particular field.
Pedagogical or medical education. Especially if you want to find a job as a nanny or carer. This will help increase pay. Foreigners estimate pensioners without prejudice, so age will not be affected by the chance to get a job.
Good health. Most vacancies require movement. It is advisable not to have chronic diseases and diagnoses that limit your physical activity.
Where to look for jobs?
To protect yourself from fraudsters, do not trust the issue of employment questionable companies. Not the best option for a pensioner - to look for work on the spot. Firstly, it requires significant financial costs for travel, accommodation and meals. Secondly, does not guarantee the result. Impressions of the trip you, of course, pick up, but return home with nothing.

The surest option - search for work in the Balkans on the Internet. Specialized resources such as provide employers and potential employees with the opportunity to cooperate. There you can find a job that interests you. And immediately select the country where you would like to go, and many other parameters to narrow the search range. If suddenly a suitable proposal in the Balkans cannot be found, then you will have the opportunity to fill out a questionnaire, thanks to which there will be interested employers.

It is very convenient to use for job search Facebook. You can find a job or place your ad on labor exchanges in Montenegro, Croatia and Serbia.

Another option is to fill out a special form right on the website of the hotel or restaurant in the Balkans. It is available to everyone, regardless of age and professional skills. So even the pensioner can find work at sea in the high season, starting from the position of a clerk in a hotel and ending with the hotel manager.

Word of mouth plays a significant role. You can find out about a suitable vacancy through familiar pensioners who have already worked abroad. Or find with their help proven employers.

Being a pensioner in Ukraine and a pensioner in Greece is a big difference. And if you have dreamed of traveling all your life, then it's time to conquer the Balkans and ensure a comfortable existence!

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