Passage of the Polish-Ukrainian border

2019 | 06 | 26 1407

The first is to cross the border of Poland only in specially designated places. Uncontrolled violation of the border will cause serious problems on the part of Ukraine and Poland, up to a ban on visiting the last country for six months or more.

Second, you must have documents with you:

  • a passport for Ukrainians today is a biometric passport or an old-style passport with an open visa;
  • passport for a child (for minors).

These are mandatory documents that will be 100% verified. There is also a list of additional papers that should also be with you:

  • an invitation to work (a copy of the contract) - for those traveling to Poland to work;
  • medical insurance prepared in advance and valid in Poland;
  • money - Polish currency at the rate of 300 zł / day of stay (for three days) or 100 zł / day for those who plan to stay for 4 or more days;
  • return ticket.

Be prepared for questions: at the customs control and verification of documents you may be asked:

  • purpose of the visit;
  • time of stay;
  • when you come back.

And other questions. Do not get lost, answer honestly and there will be no problems.

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