Profession of the confectioner: the specifics of the work, the required skills and responsibilities

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Who is a pastry chef

In fact, any person who is associated with the production of sweets, their sale, can be called a pastry chef. But the pastry chef is directly a specialist who is engaged in preparing sweets with his own hands. He has a special education, knowledge, skills. Able to work equally well with dough, cream, icing, etc.

The pastry chef knows hundreds of recipes for classic desserts and their modern interpretations. It can make candy, muffin, cupcake, cake, souffle and other sweets, without peeping into the cookbook, simultaneously telling the story of each product.

What should be able
Not everyone who cooks pancakes for the whole family on weekends or bakes cakes on family holidays is considered a pastry chef. Rare cooking sweets is not included in the characteristics of this profession. The pastry chef prepares sweets daily for tens to hundreds of people, depending on the place of work.

So, what is the responsibility of the pastry chef:

product quality control. The specialist must know the organoleptic methods for assessing the quality of ingredients and finished products, the timing, method of storage, evaluate the ingredients for quality and suitability for use. After all, food poisoning with a cream is a serious threat to human health;
knowledge of the chemical composition of each ingredient and dish used, nutritional value, calorie content. Among the visitors there may be allergies that warn you (the waiter) about intolerance to any products, and if a person receives an allergen from your feed, this is a big minus for the establishment and doubts about the professionalism of the pastry chef;
use of specialized culinary technology. Ability to work with temperatures and the furnace, the combine, the mixer, the mixer operator and so forth .;
decoration sweets. Whether it is drawing on cakes or gingerbread, decorating sweets, desserts, cupcakes - the cook-cook should be able to draw well, to understand the color combinations of food dyes, to be able to create color compositions from edible products;
and the main duty is the preparation of various flour, cottage cheese, cream desserts. Depending on the qualification level of the pastry chef, his admission to the preparation of sweets is determined.
o For example, 1-2 discharge prepares ingredients, fills pastry bags, monitors the operation of the equipment - there are no tasks that could affect the final product.

o 3-4 pastry chefs are already admission to the process of cooking flour products like cookies, gingerbread, muffins and other pastries. They decorate finished products with base coatings like icing, chocolate, fruit, cream;

o The work of the 5th grade pastry chef is to prepare complex desserts, individual orders and to decorate products with modeling, illustrations and complex pastry options. Cooks of the 5th category are usually led by 1-4 categories by the cooks, bringing the product to readiness and completing it with exclusive decorations;

o highest rank 6 - master of pastry. He is able to do everything, right up to complex decorations, invent new combinations and tastes, create unique desserts. The 6th grade pastry chef is a model for masters of lower rank, who is also a teacher and mentor for subordinate pastry chefs.

Where to look for a job pastry chef

The position of the chief for sweets is in every restaurant, some coffee shops and bars. The profession of pastry chef is relevant in Russia and the CIS countries, but is more in demand in Europe and the Balkan countries. Due to the high influx of tourists in the season at hotels, boarding houses, restaurants and pastry shops, the demand for masters of sweets increases.

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