Can I extend my visa without leaving Poland?

2019 | 02 | 18 4833

Sooner or later, any foreigner residing in Poland is faced with the need to extend the visa. For some, this is a reason to return home for a while to the family. But sometimes it is more convenient to go through such a procedure without leaving the country. How to do this - read below.

Extending Schengen Visa

If you need to stay in Poland longer than you had planned, and the term of the visa is about to expire, then you can file a petition for its extension to the relevant authorities. But they will satisfy him only if this need is justified by unforeseen circumstances. Force majeure in the form of a serious illness requiring medical intervention or the death of a loved one must be documented. This is called a mandatory extension of the Schengen. In this case, a foreign citizen passes this procedure for free. If the reasons are not so compelling, but rather of a personal nature, although they should also be valid, then you can count on an optional visa extension.

The application should be submitted at least one day before the expiration of the Schengen term, but it is better to keep three days in reserve. If you have expired your visa, the documents will not be accepted for consideration, and you will become illegal. While your request will be considered, you can be officially in Poland. It usually takes about seven days, but it may take a month, in rare special cases, two.

Documents for renewal

When applying to the voivodship of Poland at your place of residence in the country, provide the following documents for visa extension:

  1. Foreign passport, which will be valid for at least another year.
  2. A written statement.
  3. Actual photo (taken in the last six months).
  4. Documents supporting your application to the province.
  5. Medical insurance and confirmation of financial security for the period of stay in Poland.

You will also need to pay a stamp duty, which in the case of an optional extension of the Schengen is 30 euro.

Extension of work visa

If you are employed in Poland for the last three months officially, i.e. The employer regularly pays taxes for you, the renewal procedure will be easier. You will need to obtain a work permit, which is called the voivodship invitation. True, there is also a nuance. Having received it, you still need to come to Ukraine to submit documents to the Consulate, so that you will be given a new work visa with the right to stay in Poland for 360 days.

To take care of the receipt of the voivodeship invitation costs in advance, no later than 30, and preferably 45 days before the expiration of your visa.

To obtain a work permit, your employer must provide the following documents:

  1. Extract from the ship's register of registration of their company.
  2. Articles of association.
  3. A copy of the passport of the employee.
  4. REGON number and employer's ZUS declaration.
  5. A check for payment of the fee (100 zł - about 23 euros).

It is important to consider that the extension of the national work visa is carried out only once. The cost of this service is 406 PLN (about 94 euros). If you are refused, the fee is not refundable. But for two weeks, you can appeal this decision if you are sure of your right to extend the visa and have all the legal grounds for it.

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