Extension of a work visa in Poland

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Information about what needs to be done to extend the Polish work visa and remain officially working in Poland will be useful to Ukrainian workers. First of all, consider the case when a citizen of Ukraine came to work on a regular visa - 180/360. Suppose that the term of a Ukrainian’s stay in Poland is coming to an end, but he wants to stay in Poland to work more, and the employer is only for it.

Is it possible to extend a visa if you are in Poland: what is needed for this and how to do it?
It is possible to extend the validity of a visa if you are in the Republic of Poland. But it is possible to do this if you are in Poland on legal conditions - with a valid visa. In addition, you have the right to extend the visa one day before the expiration of the previous one. Consider these methods in practice.

Issuing an invitation from the Governor

This method is used if you have legally worked in Poland in one place for more than 3 months, and the employer timely made all the necessary tax deductions. In this case, the employer has every right to issue an invitation to the Governor to his employee according to a simplified scheme.

However, in this situation there is one important nuance. Upon receipt of the Permit from the Voivode, the Ukrainian will need to return to Ukraine, submit to the Polish Consulate a new package of documents, which gives the right to receive a new work visa for a period of 360 days of unhindered stay in the Polish Republic. Unfortunately, it is impossible to obtain such a visa while in Poland and not leaving for Ukraine.

Another difficulty - to issue an invitation from the Governor, it will take at least one month. In this regard, it is necessary to start arranging the invitation at least 1.5 months before the end of the validity of the current work visa. Otherwise, you can simply not have time to invest in a limited time frame, which will entail a violation of visa regulations.

What papers are included in the package of documents that the employer submits to receive an Invitation from the Voivode in Poland:

  • charter of the employing company;
  • extract from the Ship Register about the employer company;
  • copy of the employee’s foreign passport;
  • employer declaration number;
  • a copy of the check on the payment of the administrative fee in the amount of 100 zlotys;
  • a document confirming the impossibility of employing Polish citizens for the agreed vacancy, while this restriction does not apply to employees who have worked with the employer issuing the Invitation for more than 3 months.

It is important to note that in each Voivodship there are requirements to submit other additional documents to receive an Invitation from the Voivode.

Is it possible to extend a Polish work visa without having to leave the country?
This option is also possible. In addition, it turns out to be more preferable, since it does not imply an extension of a work visa, but a residence permit in the Polish Republic. On the basis of legal employment, you can draw up a life map.

In accordance with the requirements of Polish law, foreign citizens in Poland working on the basis of an employment contract have the right to apply for and obtain a temporary residence permit.

As in the previous situation, in order to undergo a simplified registration procedure, a foreigner needs to work in Poland legally for at least 3 months, without changing his place of work, from one employer.

To obtain a Life Card, you need to prepare an extensive list of documents:

  • fill out a form - the primary document for obtaining a residence permit;
  • provide color photos - 4 pcs;
  • valid passport with a valid visa mark;
  • medical insurance policy with a financial coverage of at least 30 thousand Euros;
  • documentary evidence of the source of financial income during your stay in the Polish Republic (of course, if you work legally, there will be no problems with this);
  • a check confirming payment of a fee of PLN 400.

The final list of documents may vary slightly depending on the requirements of a particular Voivodship. You can clarify the list of required papers by contacting the Voivodship Office at the location of your place of work.

When can I submit paper?

In accordance with the new rules of Polish law, a foreign citizen has the right to apply for a Life Card 1 day before the end of the current visa. In this case, an employee of the Voivodeship of Poland from the department in charge of foreigners makes a special note in your passport that you have received the necessary papers for obtaining a residence permit.

This mark in the passport gives the foreigner the right to be in Poland on legal terms as long as the documents received are being considered by Polish officials. The process of reviewing and issuing a Life Card takes from one month. On average, this figure is 3 months.

How much should I pay for paperwork? The size of the fee for the consideration of securities in foreign citizen is 440 zlotys, and for the design of the life card itself will have to pay 50 zlotys.

Is it possible to extend the Schengen visa in Poland? In accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of the Republic of Poland, foreign citizens residing in Poland are entitled to extend their stay and visa validity. This is allowed if a foreigner has the opportunity to document that for objective reasons he cannot leave Poland. In these cases, visa extensions are free of charge. The decision to extend the visa is made by the head of the Voivodeship, where the foreigner works or resides.

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