Modern Labor Slavery

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Representatives of the lowest, socially vulnerable groups of society have the greatest risk of falling into the tenacious networks of modern slavery: pensioners receiving a small pension, disabled people, low-paid workers and labor migrants who came to work illegally. Upon arrival in a foreign country, the applicant is looking for earnings, viewing ads in local newspapers, on the Internet. The worker settles in a night shelter, rents a room in cheap areas, and if he has money for money, he spends the night at train stations. As a rule, after several days of such despair, the employer supposedly approaches the poor thing and offers the possibility of earning money.

Further events develop according to the pattern of modern slavery. The employer treats the future employee with alcohol, into which the attacker had previously mixed sleeping pills or clophelin. The person comes to life already “at work”, in an unfamiliar place. He is informed that a sum of money has been paid for him, and it needs to be worked out on voluntary terms. Of course, the passport and other documents are taken from the victim. Some of these illegal immigrants become slave laborers, others become beggars. The specifics of work of slaves who fell into slavery depends on the region. For example, victims of modern slavery in the Moscow region are attracted to the construction industry, in Poland, the Czech Republic - to agricultural work, and in Asian countries - to the porn industry.

Countries where there is a risk of falling into modern labor slavery

An expert in this field, Artem Krischenko, will help clarify the situation in the field of labor migration in the states where there is a threat of becoming a slave. He heads the Anti-Trafficking Department.

  1. The highest percentage of cases of Ukrainians who have earned money in modern slavery is observed in the Russian Federation.
  2. Then come the countries of Europe, among which the most dangerous for Ukrainians are Germany and such a popular state for earnings as Poland.
  3. Close the alarming list of dangerous places in the world of modern slavery - Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, as well as the United States.

The forms of exploitation of migrants leaving from hopelessness in their country are different. First of all, it is labor in the agricultural sector, on livestock farms. There are frequent cases of migrants being recruited into drug dealers - these are harsh realities.

A scheme is also common when people are registered illegally for work in the Baltic countries. From there, modern slaves are sent to the European Union states to be hired on farms. The worst thing is that legally these victims of modern slavery in Europe are not decorated, therefore there are great difficulties with their protection. According to the migration expert, foreign public organizations and police from foreign countries help to detect such cases of the modern slave trade by the Ukrainian police.

How not to trap human traffickers: precautions

According to human rights activists, companies engaged in illegal business - modern slavery, usually act as intermediary firms engaged in employment abroad. Under the same guise of supposedly trustworthy companies, there are often dating services for foreigners, model agencies.

To avoid becoming their victim and to avoid the plight of the slave, you should observe the following precautions:

  1. There is no need to have a dialogue about working abroad, one-on-one-one-to-one - in private with a representative of the intermediary company. In order not to fall into modern slavery, to feel confident and secure, come to a meeting with a lawyer. The specialist will immediately reveal the slightest signs of deception and will not let you be misled by sweet speeches and promises of the “golden mountains”.
  2. Even before the start of cooperation with the intermediary firm, find out whether it has a license from the Ministry of Social Policy for the provision of services in the field of labor migration. Make it easy - just go to the site -
    Before leaving for work abroad, leave to your relatives photocopies of the Ukrainian and international passports, all other employment documents, contact details of the intermediary company and the employer, your photo, copies of the travel documents.
  3. Keep a few copies of yourself. So you will minimize the risk of falling into the networks of modern slavery.
  4. According to human rights activists, it is much more reliable if the applicant personally draws up all the exit documents or entrusts this process to an authorized, licensed employment company abroad. This will prevent situations in which dishonest intermediary firms drag the employee into frauds with documents and the applicant falls into modern labor slavery.
  5. Do not use the services of unauthorized, illegal structures in the design of travel documents when you are in another country. This should be done only by employees of authorized institutions and our Consulate.
  6. Also, in order not to fall into modern slavery, experts in the field of labor migration recommend not accepting gifts or unreasonable cash rewards either from intermediary firms or employers. These actions directly indicate that the gifts will need to work out, becoming a slave in the modern world.

According to statistics from law enforcement agencies, the percentage of human trafficking in 2018 has increased significantly. At the same time, the cases of disclosing the activities of firms engaged in this type of illegal activity have increased. In more than 20 regions of Ukraine, fraudsters were arrested under the guise of providing surrogate motherhood services.

Also, law enforcement agencies brought 5 cases to court when people were enslaved and sold to organs. In collaboration with the FBI, the police discovered more than 50 illegally operating firms that organized the criminal visa fraud scheme.

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