Signs of a bad job

2019 | 04 | 22 2018

Foreign labor markets are developing rapidly and dynamically, opening up brilliant prospects for applicants of different profiles. However, among the promising, profitable and tempting offers are also "muddy". Behind a bright, colorful wrapper with promises of bright prospects lies a bad place to work.

Sites and agencies where job advertisements are posted block inadequate offers, get rid of scammers and protect conscientious employees from poor, underpaid or illegal work. By what signs can one understand that this work is not what you need? How to determine it first, even before the signing of the employment contract, so that it is not bad afterwards? How not to fall for the fraudsters providing employment that you did not count on?

  1.The first symptom is that the organization hides its real name. For example, in the announcement it is indicated: a large company, a dynamically developing company, a well-known organization. There is no essence behind these phrases, the company name is missing. Such “murk” immediately signals the illegality of the proposal and the poor, incomprehensible work.

   2.No vacancy in company profile
When the scope of the company sounds incomprehensible, blurry, it should also alert. A bad employer usually uses lofty words: a dynamic, successful company, several years on the market, a wide range of customers ... These phrases without specifics should alert: in front of you - the work is bad.

  3.The employer does not indicate his contacts

In the add, the company does not provide its contact information, and it is for them that you can find its website on the Internet, read reviews, familiarize yourself with the scope of activities. If the employer does not inform you of his contacts even after you have asked him, no doubt this job is definitely not for you.

  4.Provided payment for the interview or hiring
Please note that only recruitment agencies can charge for employment. In other cases - this is a hoax. Sometimes these tricks can be found while searching for vacancies with foreign employers. Taking advantage of the fact that applicants do not know the law well, careless employers often ask them to transfer money for employment.

  5.Please call back to paid phone numbers

Funeers are often asked to call back to paid numbers. Typically, these services for downloading money from subscribers start with 070 or 090.

  6.The employer does not specifically report on employee responsibilities.

For example, it does not indicate which department needs an employee, the desired education, work experience. General requirements are indicated instead of specific requirements: the desire to work, the ability to conduct a dialogue, a sense of humor, stress resistance. The fuzziness of the employer is also indicated by the vagueness of duties: communication with people, in the office, work with documentation.

Knowing the main signs of a bad job will allow you to determine whether it is legal or not in the very first minutes of acquaintance with a job. By not responding to ads of a "muddy" nature, we, thereby, prevent the development of fraudulent areas in the employment market and protect applicants from possible troubles.

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