When to quit an interview

2018 | 06 | 18 2372

In the hope of finding a job of our dreams, we come for an interview and often do not notice obvious signs that do not speak, but scream that “you shouldn’t linger here !!”. It does not even occur to us that it sometimes makes sense to leave without waiting for the end. After all, the interview - the first acquaintance with the company, and not just the opportunity to show themselves. If you do not want to be disappointed, pay attention to:

- information on the Internet

   Look for reviews on the web. Take a closer look at the date you started work. Try to find former employees in social networks, ask them about the reasons for leaving. In the labor market, it is no longer surprising anyone to be fooled by vacancies, and if there is nothing in the public domain about this employer, it is worth considering.

- fee

   If under any pretext at an interview they are trying to get money: for the purchase of a consignment of goods, for training courses, information is an excuse to leave, because, almost certainly, you are fraudsters.

- location and appearance of the office

   A serious employer will not rent an office in a remote place, and, especially, in an apartment in a residential building. Take a closer look at the signboard. Fraudsters do not invest in representative elements. On the way to the interview, ask others if they know where the company is located: our task is to find out how long they are located here. If recently, and for this there is no reason (just opened or officially changed the place), we regard it as an alarming sign.

   No serious company will allow itself to lose face in front of visitors. Therefore, if inside - shabby walls, rooms, clogged with boxes, dust and clutter, be careful.

- disrespect

   When you come for an interview, you suddenly discover that there is no one on the spot, but you forgot to warn you. They ask to wait in the corridor, not offering to sit down. Provoked with rude attitude and overly personal questions. If a vacancy implies increased stress tolerance, then everything is in order, this is a check. In all other cases - a clear disrespect. Consider whether you want to work in such an atmosphere.

- the recruiter cannot answer your questions about the company

   Use the interview to gather as much information as possible about your future, ask leading questions. Ask:

  • - about corporate culture (in good teams always pay attention to cohesion and coherence);
  • - about the schedule and responsibilities;
  • - about career prospects. If there are no specific examples of employee growth, then you will not be able to grow;
  • - how the salary is calculated;
  • - whether all this will be spelled out in the contract, etc.
  •    Pay attention to the phrase - “think of something,” usually after that, in case of

disputable situations, you will hear - “we did not promise anything for sure.” You have not heard the specific answers, most likely, are trying to deceive, and the best way out is just to leave such an interview.

- reviews of competitors

   If a recruiter now and then criticizes competitors. There may be reasons for that, and suddenly things are going better there, and they are luring away employees. Try to learn more about them, probably worth considering as future employers.

- pressure on you

   At the end of the interview you are given two hours to think. What is the purpose of this? Are you trying to distract from a serious assessment of what is happening? Listen to your intuition, if you experience discomfort, weigh it all over again and do not make hasty decisions.

   An interview is a two-way process. Take it seriously and it will save you from frustration.

Good luck in your job search

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