We are going to Slovakia to work: the necessary documents and rules for entering the country

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Since 2018, Slovakia has adopted a number of laws that simplify entry and employment for Ukrainians. The fact is that the labor market is experiencing a shortage of qualified personnel, so the authorities accept various incentives for the infusion of foreign specialists to certain positions.
Before entering Slovakia, it is necessary to prepare documents:

1. Visa or biometric passport.
This is enough for a tourist visit. However, in addition you may be asked:

2. Do you have enough money for the trip (they may believe in a word or ask for a bank statement, another official confirmation).
3. Medical insurance, which is valid in the territory of the Slovak Republic for the entire period of stay.
4. Return ticket.
5. Hotel reservation or rental agreement.
This is not a mandatory list, but the lack of these documents may cause refusal to enter the country.

For Ukrainians who go to Slovakia to work, in addition to the already listed documents and additional information, you need to have an employment contract and a work permit.

How to get a work permit
Despite the fact that Slovakia is investing in attracting foreign specialists, they still seek to regulate unemployment and the demand for personnel in the country. So, if you want to get an accountant’s job, but there are applications for this vacancy from local citizens, you will most likely be refused.

Obtain a work permit in Slovakia is necessary before arrival. You can apply for a permit only for a vacancy for which a potential employer has already approved you. Those. at first:

  • Find a job. Conclude a contract of employment.
  • Apply to the Employment Office in Slovakia.
  • You get a work permit or a waiver.

Those. if you enter Slovakia in order to find a job without first obtaining a work visa, you will have to work informally. After obtaining a work permit, you can legally come to the country and work, be protected by the labor laws of Slovakia.

To obtain the necessary permission, you can contact the special employment agencies of Ukrainians abroad. Or start preparing and submitting documents yourself. Required:

  • two passport photographs;
  • current passport or other official permission;
  • employment contract from the employer;
  • certificate of no criminal record;
  • current medical insurance;
  • document issued no later than 90 days, which confirms the availability of living space at the time of stay in the country.

Check the current list of documents on the website of the Embassy in Slovakia.

Frequently asked questions about entering Slovakia

I do not have a biometric passport, but I have a regular and a visa / Schengen visa, is that enough?

If the validity of the visa and passport is not over - you can also use them to enter Slovakia, apply for a work permit. However, it is much faster and cheaper to order a biometric passport than to expect a visa.

What is the 90/180 rule?

Ukrainians can not be in the Schengen countries for more than 90 days out of 180 days. Those. If you have already reached the limit of 90 days, but want to return soon, make sure that at least three months have passed since your last stay abroad in the Schengen zone.

A residence permit or work visa increases the period of stay in the country from 90 days to a year or more.

Any work is prohibited without a work visa?

You can work, but are officially deprived of the right to pay for your labor. Those. the meaning of work in Slovakia is immediately lost. However, you can count on the form of volunteering: work and get food and shelter for it.

Breaking the rules and receiving money (salary) is a direct way to get the label: “violator of immigration order”, deportation and deterioration of the history of trips to European countries.

What questions can border guards ask?

The most frequent:

  • Purpose of your visit?
  • Where to stay?
  • Tell us the route of the trip?
  • Does anyone meet you?
  • There are return tickets and when?
  • How will you move?
  • What is your occupation?
  • Who do you know from the country?

At first glance, they may ask strange questions: “Did you collect a suitcase or did someone help you?”. Answer honestly, keep calm. This is not an exam where you are trying to overwhelm questions of increased complexity. All of you know the answers, so be honest, calm and you will not have any problems with entering Slovakia.

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