Rules of entry to Poland for Ukrainians

2018 | 12 | 22 2970

Rules of entry to Poland for employment: what you need to have with you and how to prepare

  • Documents.
  • Recommendations.

Documents for entry into Poland

If, before 2018, Ukrainians had to prepare a visa or Schengen to cross a nearby border, then today it has become much easier to get into the neighboring state. The visa-free regime allows you to move freely around the country, but it is strictly allowed to enter its territory at special border points.

In order to enter Poland, you need to have the following documents with you:

1.Biometric international passport of the new sample (or a regular passport + visa).
For tourism purposes, this will be enough, provided that you have not previously violated the laws of another country and your name is not in the black lists for entry into Europe. And for those who want to find a job, they impose higher requirements, in addition, the following documents are required to enter Poland:

2.Employment contract.
It is right to go to work in another country - legally, under an employment contract. To obtain it, you can contact the specialized agencies or independently find a vacancy. On the Promo Choice website, you have a free opportunity to find a position in Poland, get a contract and legally have the opportunity to live and work in the territory of another state.

3.Medical insurance in the destination country during the stay.
In Poland there is compulsory and optional insurance. Depending on whether you are officially employed or not, one of them is issued. At the conclusion of an employment contract, for good, you are issued compulsory insurance by the employer for the period of cooperation. You should issue a non-binding medical insurance yourself, if the employment contract does not provide for this moment or you arrive as a tourist. What documents confirm the existence of insurance:

  • extract from ZUS RMUA, which can be requested from the employer;
    certificate of employment indicating the amount of contributions to the insurance company;
  • self-registration - you need a form and checks confirming the registration and replenishment of the insurance account;
  • for Europeans, there is another possibility to use EKUZ - the European Medical Insurance Card.

If you go to work with your family, they must also submit insurance forms.

4.Bank statement.
You must confirm that you have sufficient amount during your stay in the country. The procedure for obtaining an extract from the bank and what evidence you need to have with you, we have already written in the article "Crossing the Border for Employment."

Recommendations for those who are going to go to work in Poland

With minimal expenses, going to Poland to work quickly will not work. It is necessary from the week and more to the conclusion of an employment contract, the preparation of documents, the purchase of tickets, fees and more. Make a list of necessary / important cases and follow the points.

Or, you can contact a specialized agency that takes on the task of employing Ukrainians abroad and organizing travel to Poland.

Independently pay attention to:

  • work (enter into an employment contract);
  • get the necessary documents;
  • pick up a convenient transport option and purchase tickets;
  • find housing and arrange renting;
  • download convenient applications (guides, food delivery, shops, etc., in Poland there are analogues to our usual online services and applications);
  • familiarize yourself with the culture, life and traditions of another country;
  • upon arrival, issue a bank card (if your employer has not issued it to you), in most cases there is no commission for using the card or the minimum fee is charged;
  • purchases of more than 200 zlotys may be for you with a 25% discount - apply for tax free and get a VAT refund on the amount;
  • never sign (agree) that you cannot read and understand, no matter how convinced you are, everything is in order here. It is better to consult with a third party or take a break to transfer.

For the rest - do not worry. When crossing the border, keep your documents with you, be polite and essentially answer the questions of the border guards (customs) and everything will be fine with you!

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