Formalities and rules of entry to the Czech Republic for Ukrainians

2019 | 01 | 04 2833

Visa-free travel to Europe for Ukrainians has greatly simplified the rules for entering the Czech Republic. Previously, the process of preparing a visa took from two weeks to two months, without giving any guarantees that you would not be deployed at the border and would not be refused entry, then today it has become accessible to European countries without lengthy processes of preparing and waiting for a visa.
Any Ukrainian, having a Schengen visa or biometric passport, can easily buy tickets and enter the Czech Republic. However, to freely work in the country without a work permit (work visa) is prohibited and punished by deportation, deterioration of migration history and the prospect of being refused entry to other European countries.

Documents for entry into the Czech Republic

In terms of visa-free enough biometric passport to travel to the territory of the Czech Republic and most European countries. However, you may be denied access to the border for the following reasons:

  • Lack of health insurance for the period of stay in the country. You can arrange a tourist, for a period of 7 days or more. Such insurance will cost from 20 euros. For officially employed Ukrainians in the Czech Republic insurance is issued by the employer.
  • Insufficient financial security for the entire period of stay in the country. You can clarify what amount you have for the trip, and can also ask for confirmation of the named amount. Therefore, either in advance take an extract from the bank about the status of the account, or get a receipt from the ATM from the card you have. You can demonstrate the cash, if it is with you.
  • Return tickets. Whether it is a plane, bus or train - you need to specify a return date to Ukraine, and also, if necessary, show tickets to the border / customs officer.
  • Hotel reservation / rental accommodation. Often asked and do not often require confirmation. However, be prepared to answer the question of where you will be staying during your visit to the Czech Republic, show the Czechs / documents confirming your reservation.
  • Recent criminal record. Being under investigation.
  • Your data is in the “black list of migrants”. If you have previously been deported from another country under any article or are an undesirable citizen to enter the Czech Republic, you will not be let in at the border.

For those Ukrainians who enter the country for work, a work visa is required. Employment without prior permission to work is considered illegal, is punished by deportation and a temporary ban on a return visit to the country.
Therefore, an important rule, if you want to live and work in the Czech Republic, is to do everything officially and legally. So you exclude the possibility of fraudulent activity on the part of employers and you will be protected as much as possible by Czech law.
To summarize - at the entrance to the Czech Republic the necessary documents, references and extracts should be with you:

  • Biometric passport (or a regular foreign visa + visa).
  • Return ticket (unless a permit to stay in the country for more than 90 days is provided).
  • Hotel reservation or rental of living space for the period of stay.
  • Receipt from a bank or other proof of solvency.
  • Work permit (for those who seek employment).

Of the formalities at the border, you may (or may not) be asked general and targeted questions, such as:

  • Purpose of the visit.
  • To whom you are going.
  • Route trips around the country.
  • Are there friends / relatives here?
  • Place of work.

And other questions to assess your adequacy, condition (nervousness or calmness), mood. Therefore, answer honestly, if you catch the lies - they will refuse to enter. Answer clearly and to the point, better not joking, as not all customs / border guards have a sense of humor. And the feeling of mistrust towards you initially is already present.
The rest: a good way, a good trip! Czech Republic is a wonderful country with a rich culture and decent work opportunities!

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