Universal chef: who is this and his responsibilities

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Who is a universal cook

Master of culinary affairs. It works in all directions: in hot and cold shops, it can replace sauce, pastry chef, baker, etc. Its main feature is a large store of knowledge in the field of recipes, food concepts, technologies for preparing various dishes, culinary products. Usually has extensive experience in various cafe-restaurant industries.

This specialist should be able to do everything. Or almost everything. He will peel the potatoes, cook the sauce, bake the bread, whip the cream, and come up with something to replace the inappropriate cheese. Such a master of all trades in the kitchen.

The main responsibility of the universal chef is determined by the chef or by the administrator of the institution where the specialist is required. He can take the position of chef, sous-chef, and ordinary cook in the kitchen of the restaurant. Here the skills, class and experience of the cook play a large part.

On the Internet, you can find a lot of announcements about hiring a universal chef. And not always the information given in them coincides. The definition of universality in the profession of cooks is quite vague and implies that the specialist is not based on specific technologies, but understands in several directions at once.

Responsibilities of a Universal Chef

Requirements are different, but in the standard set it is:

cooking dishes, preparations, requiring complex cooking;
preparation of dietary dishes (soups, side dishes, meat dishes);
knowledge of the technology of cooking products for a couple;
knowledge in the field of organoleptic methods for assessing the quality of food products, indicators of the poor quality of products / ready meals.
Usually requirements are reduced to 5-6 category of the cook, and also experience in the culinary field from 2 years. This may be enough to get the position of a universal chef and get a restaurant for a good salary.

Where to look for work as a universal chef

To find a well-paid job to be a high-quality resume. For universal cooks, the prospects are good enough to get a decent place abroad. If you have not considered such opportunities yet - think about moving. In many tourist countries of Europe during the season there is a great demand for good cooks. For example, in Greece, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, etc. Salaries here start at $ 500.

To get an invitation to work abroad, pay great attention to the summary: it must be written in the languages ​​of those countries in which you would like to get a job. A sample of such a resume is not difficult to find on the Internet and follow simple guidelines for completing it.

To search for work in your city (country), use specialized services, recommendations of relatives and friends, and also attend specialized exhibitions, master classes, seminars. This is a good way to get noticed and offered a prestigious job.

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