Registration of residence permit in Italy

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Those who go to Italy for more than three months, as a tourist, student or work, will have to get a residence permit. Without this document, such a long-term stay in the country would be illegal.

Step-by-step instructions for issuing residence permit for foreigners

Obtaining a residence permit in Italy is a long procedure, so you should not postpone it for the last moment. What needs to be done first?

Get a visa.
How to do this, you can find out by contacting the visa application center. Please note that residence permit can be issued for a period that does not exceed the period of validity of the visa. This means that for a long-term stay in the country you will need a visa from a resident of Italy with the right to stay there for more than three months.

A foreigner can submit a petition to the local police station in person or by mail. Attach the following documents to it:

  • stamp of state duty, which can be purchased at a kiosk or post office;
  • original and copy of passport;
  • medical insurance;
  • certificate of good conduct;
  • confirmation of ownership or long-term rental housing in Italy;
  • bank statement;
  • notarized certificates, securing your right to apply for a residence permit.

Apply for a residence permit.

But for starters, it's worth figuring out what they are.

Types of residence permit in Italy
Depending on the purpose of obtaining a residence permit, this document may have a validity period from 280 days to 2 years with the right of renewal. The grounds for obtaining a residence permit can be:

  • business activities in Italy;
  • Job;
  • family reunification;
  • study

There are also less popular reasons for staying in Italy without the right to work or in refugee status. The first 3 bases will allow you to get a residence permit for 2 years, and if the work is seasonal, then from 6 to 9 months. The document issued for study, has a validity of less than a year.

By the way, real estate in Italy does not guarantee a residence permit. But her purchase brings additional bonuses to the owner.

Integration agreement

This document is signed by every citizen of countries outside the European Union at the initial request for a residence permit. The agreement is valid for 2 years, and during this term the immigrant receives points for certain actions: improving the level of language proficiency, education, concluding an agreement on renting or buying a home, business or volunteering.

The integration agreement implies that a foreigner undertakes to learn Italian at least to A2 level, even Russian or Ukrainian allows him to speak. In addition, during this time it is necessary to understand the constitutional and state structure of Italy.

If a month before the expiration of the agreement, the Ukrainian or Russian scored 30 or more points, then he fulfilled his obligations. If less, then the document will be extended for another 2 years. And if he did not receive a single point, then deportation from the country is inevitable.

Features of different categories of residence permit

Business in Italy is welcomed by the local authorities, but requires confirmation of the material component for doing business in the amount of 10,000 €. And the income that a company that is open in the country should be worth at least € 20,000 per year.

A work contract or an invitation from an employer is one of the most popular ways of obtaining residence permit in Italy among our compatriots. As you understand, the easiest way is to find a vacancy in advance, and not on the spot. This can be done on the job exchange in Europe: LINK. So you not only save time on searches, but also protect yourself from scammers and unscrupulous employers.

Students who hold an annual residence permit need to submit documents regularly to extend it until the end of the term of study at the university.

Making residence permit in one of the priorities - family reunification - the easiest way. A close relationship with an Italian citizen or entering into a marriage with him gives privileges in order to apply for citizenship in the future.

Permanent residence permit can be obtained after 5 years of residence in the country. In addition to standard documents for residence permit, the municipal police station must also submit copies of checks and receipts for the last year, a certificate of family composition and the last place of residence.

Cost of registration of residence permit in Italy

Payment of state duty - a prerequisite for those who want to get a residence permit. The document, valid from 3 months to 1 year, costs 40 €, up to 2 years - 50 €. In addition, you will need to pay a stamp duty of 16 €, about 30 € for postal services and the same amount for issuing residence permit in electronic form.

But the money spent and efforts are definitely worth living in a European country with a high standard of living on an ongoing basis.

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