Where it is easier to find a job in Spain

2018 | 09 | 19 3215

Spain is one of the most hospitable countries of the European Union. Moving to the Iberian Peninsula is the easiest for immigrants from the CIS countries. That is why Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians are increasingly looking in the direction of the Mediterranean Sea when choosing a place to stay. But if it is not difficult or difficult to move to Spain officially or illegally, then finding a job in this country is not an easy task.

Legal employment

At the moment, Spain is experiencing a crisis, in the country the peak of unemployment, therefore, it is naive to expect easy employment. In addition, no one has canceled paperwork. The most important criterion for employment is a work permit.

Only highly qualified specialists can count on a residence permit with a working visa. Special demand for IT workers. Doctors and researchers are also in demand.

Partial right to work in Spain are also immigrants who live on a student visa (20 hours per week) and people who have opened their own business or have an invitation to work (the so-called business immigration).

Illegal Employment

If you do not belong to any of these categories, then, most likely, even if you have funds in your personal account and purchase real estate in Spain, you will receive a “no lucrativa” visa, that is, without a right to work.

In this case, the saving option would be informal employment. Many immigrant women work as carers, nannies, cleaners, and men as gardeners, drivers, and harvest workers in the seasonal period. Unskilled labor in Spain is paid quite decently, so you can consider this option.

The average salary in Spain in 2018 is 1,750–2,250 euros, but in fact at a low-skilled job you can count on 1,000-1,100 euros.

Where is it easier to find a job in Spain?

Options for finding a job in Spain are standard. On the Internet there is a great number of Russian-language sites, where private ads from branches of Russian and Ukrainian companies are published in free form. You can also contact the agency services.

But the largest job base is focused on Spanish job search resources. Among them, several stand out.


Employment difficulties

If you want to work in a Spanish company, you need to pledge that you need knowledge of the language, since the vacancies posted on these sites are designed for Spanish-speaking applicants.

The important point is that there is practically no English spoken in Spain, so you have to tighten up your knowledge of Spanish so as not to be a “black sheep” in everyday life, and to easily find and quickly respond to the current job offers.

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