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2019 | 04 | 15 1816

Working abroad is for many a strange phrase has become a reality and a way to improve the standard of living by applying their professional skills in another country. The rainbow stories of friends, relatives or acquaintances who have already worked abroad, intensify interest in this topic and inspire Ukrainians to search for their “place under the sun” far from their homeland: in Europe, the USA, Russia, Canada and other countries.

Finding a reliable employer is possible not only through the recruitment agency for foreign companies, but also independently. What is the algorithm of successful search for a reliable company and how to find it yourself without relying on the help of intermediaries? How to start a search, what to pay attention to and how to choose a customer attorney abroad?

Where to look for a reliable job abroad?

Finding a proven, responsible and reliable employer abroad should be started on the Internet. Among international web resources, where hundreds of attractive offers for applicants are published every day, the following popular sites can be mentioned:

  1. is one of the largest and most famous web portals for job search abroad. More than 1 million vacancies for specialists of different profiles are posted here every month.
  2. is the second most popular message board and not only about working abroad, but also about finding housing, selling things. is a well-known web resource for searching vacancies abroad. It is represented in 50 states and has an interface in 28 languages, which is very convenient for the Russian-speaking audience.
  3. is a large group where employers from Europe post ads. Interestingly, the group is positioned as a resource for workers who speak Russian and want to find work abroad - in the EU countries.

Post your portfolio on sites, regularly review job openings and after a time you will definitely find several suitable options. Each of the selected employers should be subject to scrutiny so that you are not trapped by scammers.

How to determine the reliability of the employer?

Getting into the trap of scammers abroad is easy, but avoiding it is even easier. To do this, you only need to carefully examine the information about the employer, not letting your vigilance to sleep with high fees and promises:

  1. Find the website of the employer company on the Internet, read in detail the scope of its activities, products, services.
  2. If we are talking about a customer - a private person, find his page on Facebook or other social networks, look at what groups he is in, rate his social circle.
  3. Be sure to look for real reviews of real people on the Internet about employers abroad. Such information can be found on forums, special resources and in communities where guest workers communicate.

A careful study of several sources will help to make a real picture of your future employer and will eliminate or at least minimize the risk of force majeure. To avoid such situations in the future, you still should not look for vacancies abroad, relying only on yourself. It would be much more reasonable to entrust this mission to competent specialists of job search agencies abroad, because they cooperate with reliable, reliable employers in different countries.

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