If your head hurts: four reasons you can not guess about

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What if I have a headache?

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 The PromoChoice team helps to find a job and an employer, and regularly gives advice on how to do it more efficiently. But we understand how it can be difficult to focus on filling out a resume if you have a headache. Headache can become a very strong handicap to cope with any, even the simplest task.

Caring about that nothing became a hindrance on the way to finding a new job, we prepared an article for you on how to avoid a headache without taking pills. We want to share with you four reasons why the head may suddenly be ill.

 Low blood glucose

  The blood sugar level can drop dramatically if you are hungry - this is one of the reasons for the headache, as well as the overall decline in performance. The fact is that a low level of sugar in the blood worsens the brain and slows down a number of other processes in the body, since glucose is used to generate energy by cells.

  Therefore it is very important to eat regularly to be effective. If there is no possibility to eat normally, you need to have a snack with complex carbohydrates, which are slowly absorbed and thus give energy for a long period of time. This, for example, bread from whole grains, some vegetables (carrots, beets), nuts and other products.

  In general, according to scientists, a headache can be a signal that your diet does not fit a diet or diet. Therefore, review what and when you eat to get rid of the headache and feel comfortable.

 Dehydration of the body

  Many do not know, but often it is dehydration that causes a headache, as well as feelings of weakness and worsening of concentration. Dehydration is directly associated with a decrease in the volume of circulating blood vessels and a drop in blood pressure, which causes pain and dizziness. To get rid of the headache, it is enough to drink a glass of water (preferably cool) and take a few deep breaths.

 Too long stay on legs

  Long stay of a person in a standing position promotes a slow drop in blood pressure. This is the appropriate signal, and the body tries to normalize the pressure, conveying the message that the pressure has become too high. Thus, even so low pressure continues to fall further. In order to avoid negative consequences in the form of a headache, you need to move more, change the position of the body from time to time, and if you are tired, just sit and relax.

 Regular reception of a very hot shower and temperature drops

  Headaches can arise as a result of taking too hot a shower, especially when rinsing your head in hot water. Hot water, scientists believe, has the property of expanding the vessels, which causes a sharp decrease in pressure and, as a result, a headache.

  Another reason for the headache in this case may be a sudden change of temperature when you leave the bathroom filled with hot air in a cool corridor. Then a rush of blood to the brain, it is likely, can cause unpleasant or even painful sensations. Therefore, beware of too hot water in the shower and a sharp temperature drop, especially in autumn and winter.

  If the headache does not go away, do not self-medicate, - it is better to see a doctor. Take care of health, because it is not only good health, but also the key to success. If you feel healthy, you have the strength and desire to work better and spend more time with loved ones.

  Take care of yourself and conquer new peaks!

 Promo Choice Team

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