Pros and cons of working abroad

2019 | 04 | 17 3356

The unstable political and economic situation, the rise in prices and utility tariffs force many of our compatriots to look for work abroad and work away from their homeland. The prospect of earning abroad is attractive to specialists of various profiles aged from 30 to 50 years. The majority of workers are men, who need to support a family, women, who most often go to work as nurses and governess, and seasonal employees engaged in the agricultural sphere.

To have an objective picture: is it really so profitable to work abroad, let us list the main advantages and not forget about the disadvantages of such a perspective. Before you decide to leave to work away from the motherland, familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of this proposal.

Advantages of employment abroad

To support the desire of the majority of Ukrainians to go to work abroad, we will begin the review with a list of advantages of employment outside our country. So, if you work for a foreign employer, among the advantages of this solution, the following features are worth mentioning:

  1. Working far from the homeland opens up the prospect of seeing a new country, getting acquainted with its culture, history, learning the mentality of foreigners, perhaps acquiring friends and like-minded people among them. A good plus, agree?
  2. Among the advantages can also be noted the possibility of improving a foreign language, especially if you know only its basic part. Immersed in the language environment, the learning process will be intense and will give brilliant results.
  3. The most attractive plus of work "in a foreign land" - this, of course, is a decent wage - higher than Ukrainian employers can offer. Even with the deductions for food and housing costs, you get a great amount to go abroad for work and be in the black.

Working far from the homeland, you can drastically change your life for the better and be in the black. Many women, working abroad, find their fate among foreigners and get married. Some workers, proving themselves in the best professional light, receive even more promising job offers. Many decide to open up their business abroad, accumulating start-up capital, getting paid.

Cons work abroad

However, no matter how bright the prospect of overseas employment, this area has its drawbacks. Examine the cons of work away from Ukraine, to remove the "pink glasses" and have a real understanding of the picture:

  1. The main disadvantage is the risk of force majeure: loss of passport, non-payment of salary, deception by the employer and other unpleasant situations. In order not to experience these disadvantages of work for yourself, immediately upon arrival in another country, register with the Consulate of Ukraine. Go abroad work only after the conclusion of an employment contract, which must be given to a lawyer to check in order to avoid fraudulent fraud.
  2. The second minus is separation from loved ones. It is especially painful if you have small children, because you so want to spend more time with them, see how they grow, care, indulge and love ...
  3. Not everyone is ready to adapt to foreign culture, life, habits in a foreign country. However, this minus is not so significant, since in recent times the majority of Europeans are sympathetic and tolerant towards Ukrainian workers in the underground.
  4. Among the disadvantages can be noted and difficulties in understanding a foreign language, especially if in the village where you will work, language dialects are used. But this disadvantage can be overcome by actively improving language skills in practice, in the process of communication.

Comparing and analyzing the pros and cons of working abroad will help you objectively weigh the pros and cons and make the right decision. In any case, work abroad will allow you to break out of the usual rhythm of life and, perhaps, will be a powerful impetus to improve your life, to open up to meet new opportunities.

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