How profitable to transfer money to Ukraine, working abroad?

2019 | 01 | 09 3235

This question is relevant for most labor migrants. Going to work, Ukrainians are looking for the most profitable way to send money to their family or to receive financial assistance from their relatives if necessary. Consider the available options.

International Translation Systems

Western Union is the most popular money transfer system, but it is far from the only one. Some use MoneyGram, Intel Express and others.

  • services of such systems, in particular Western Union, are available in almost any bank or post office in Ukraine and abroad;
  • transfer speed allows you to receive money in another country after 15 minutes;
  • there is no doubt about reliability;
  • no need to open a bank account.


  • any translation system works with the highest commission compared to other methods;
  • if you do not have an account, then the transfer is subject to certain restrictions specified in the legislation of the countries of the sender and the recipient, as well as in the terms of service of the system.

If you need to transfer money quickly, but not profitable, then this method is for you. Using these services will cost from 3% to 6% of the amount transferred.

Payment cards

As an individual, you can open a card in a foreign bank to which you will transfer the earned money. When you return to Ukraine, you will simply cash them at an ATM.

  • you practically will not lose in money, unless it is insignificant on fluctuations of the course;
  • Your funds will be safe, and you will return home with a large amount of currency.
  • The method does not imply the transfer of money between countries during work, so you cannot help the family in this way if they need it.

An ideal option for those who leave in the homeland a financial pillow for relatives for the period of their earnings.
SWIFT translations
They allow you to send money between accounts in a foreign bank and Ukrainian.

  • you can make them online, which is a great time saver;
  • transfer is fast, regardless of the distance between the recipient and the sender;
  • there is no limit on the amount;
  • the sender does not need to have a bank account;
  • The percentage of commission for such a payment is small.


  • Since several banks are involved in the transfer, the payment may be “stuck” during processing, but this happens extremely rarely.

Reliability and confidentiality of this method can not be questioned. About 0.2–0.7% of the transfer amount is charged from the sender, and 1% from the recipient.

Electronic PayPal

One of the world's largest payment systems, which can be used from any device connected to the Internet.

  • instant transfer speed;
  • easy handling;
  • high degree of confidentiality;
  • free service.


  • With frequent remittances, the system may require documents proving the type of activity, without which the account can be blocked;
  • Service accounts are often subject to fraud attacks.
    To protect yourself, go to PayPal only from the browser, do not follow the links in emails, do not disclose personal data

Electronic Payment Systems

The most famous among them are Moneybookers and WebMoney. In order to use the services of payment systems, you need to open a virtual account.

  • you can get an electronic wallet in WebMoney even from your mobile;
  • You can transfer money between virtual accounts in a matter of seconds;
  • service interface is intuitive;
  • 24/7 availability.


  • for the transfer of virtual currency into real, you will have to pay a service fee;
  • e-wallets are subject to burglary.

With payment systems, your cash account and transaction history can be viewed wherever there is internet. The fee for the transfer of funds can be from 1 to 6%.

How much money, and how you will transfer, depends, of course, on your salary. Look for jobs that suit you in this parameter. For convenience, you can compare the employment conditions on the stock exchange: link.

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