Border Crossing for Employment: Tips, Support, Personal Experience

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The conclusion of a labor contract is an important factor for legal and protected work abroad for Ukrainians and residents of any other countries. However, there are a number of situations when there is not enough time for registration and now we have to go to earn money, otherwise the offer will not be relevant.

Our photographers, videographers, culinary specialists and other specialists who are involved in organizing events, holding master classes, etc., are not rarely encountered with these situations.

Therefore, planning to cross the border for employment in the territory of another country, read this article to understand what to prepare for.


  • Documents for crossing the border.
  • Where Ukrainians can find work on the spot.
  • Which transport is better to cross the border.
  • Behavior at the border.
  • Reasons for refusal of entry.

Border crossing documents

When leaving Ukraine, it is necessary to have:

Biometric international passport.
For minors, you must have an appropriate entry in the parents or guardian passport. If the parents have different surnames, you need to be safe and take the birth certificate of the child with you, as well as have the appropriate entries in your passport in the “children” column.

After receiving a visa-free regime, Ukrainians can travel to 85 countries for a period of 14 to 180 days without first issuing the required document. It:

  • Albania
  • Macedonia
  • Montenegro
  • Austria
  • Poland
  • Denmark
  • Iceland
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Lithuania
  • Latvia
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Greece
  • Germany

However, there remain states where one cannot get into without a visa, for example, England, America, India, Singapore and others. For them to be separately issued permission to visit. In general, modern states have automated the processes of obtaining visas: the UK has translated the filling and filing of the questionnaire online. On the official website of the embassy, ​​you can fill out forms, send a request and prepare the necessary documents for obtaining permission. In this case, you will be waited at the embassy at the time indicated in the questionnaire.

However, guarantees for obtaining a visa cannot be given to you either by an independent way of preparing and submitting the necessary materials, or by costly contacting specialized centers.

However, when Ukraine receives a visa for most European countries, only a biometric passport will be needed. Additionally, you may need:

  • Proof of insurance in the host country (if you are traveling to Finland - insurance must cover health issues in Finland and so for each particular country for the entire period of stay).
  • You may be asked about the purpose of the visit, and when announcing the intention to work, they will ask for permission (work visa). Residents of the EU (like Estonia, Poland, Latvia and other 25 countries) are free to carry out labor activities in the territory of the allied states. Ukrainians, Belarusians, Russians and others who are not in the EU must prepare a work permit in advance to travel to work in Europe.
  • Proof of solvency.

Bank account with N-amount of money. The amount of solvency each country determines in different ways. At the request of customs services, workers in special areas of the airport you may need to present this document with the invoice and the amount on it.

How to get a certificate for a visa from the bank
It is issued in the bank in which you keep deposits. If you do not have such, and the document is required to obtain permission to enter - must be issued. If there are several deposits, banks can add up and record the total capital. The larger the final bag in the certificate - the better you look in the eyes of the customs and border services.

By default, the certificate is issued in native and English languages. After receiving it, you can even immediately cash out all the money, but do not rush to do it: the closer to the departure date you get a document from the bank, the better. As long-standing papers may cause unnecessary questions and checks.

What you need to get:

  • come in advance to the bank where you have deposits or where you want to organize them;
  • Ask the consultant a question: in different financial institutions, the procedure for issuing a certificate may differ: somewhere it takes a few minutes, and somewhere you may need several days to obtain the required stamps;
    pay, if necessary, the form.

That's all, a certificate of the availability of the account received.

Where Ukrainians can find work on site

Finding a job yourself on site is always unforeseen difficulties. To minimize them - focus on seasonal employment. Poland, the Czech Republic, and Italy remain the most sought-after work for Ukrainians. With knowledge of the national (local) language, employment will be easy. But without knowledge of the language, going to work abroad is very dangerous. In this case, use specialized recruitment companies or find a job in advance. For example, on the PromoChoice website, vacancies from European countries are constantly updated: you can find a suitable and, most importantly, legal job here.

For example, in Finland you should go for the season of picking berries, mushrooms and vegetables. So you can find employment for 4-12 weeks. It is better to look for a job in advance, in December-February, since recruitment companies are already closing lists of applicants at the end of winter and getting a place becomes more difficult. You can try on the spot to join one of the groups of collectors.

In France, relevant work related to the harvest of grapes, as well as agriculture. From mid-June, you can try to find a job there on the spot, visiting farms and vineyards. It should be understood that without knowledge of the language you will not get a job yourself, it is better to find an employment agency in advance and use its services.

In Greece, in summer, the demand for staff in resort areas. Employees are needed in restaurants, hotels, resorts and entertainment areas. Therefore, it is possible to get a job on the spot with the knowledge of the language.

For the rest, planning field searches of work in another state - prepare in advance. Study the demand for seasonal employment in Europe, plan routes and addresses where it is worth finding out for a job. Labor migrants can travel from Poland to Greece, and from there to France, working in each country for a month.

Which transport is better to cross the border
It does not matter: at any border (be it land-based transport or air), you will be given enough attention. Therefore, choose a vehicle option based on finances and personal preferences.

Keep a list of documents with you, from the first paragraph of the article, as well as tickets and everything will be fine with you.

For those who want to cross the border by car, you will additionally need:

  • national laws of international standard;
  • operate in countries that have signed the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic (in Ukraine - a new sample, a pink plastic card) certificate of registration of the vehicle;
  • "Green card" - it is insurance;
  • state sign on the car;
  • emblem of the home state;
  • complete set of additional equipment:
  1. emergency sign;
  2. manual fire extinguisher with a mass of 1kg;
  3. brake shoes;
  4. first-aid kit, equipped with first aid equipment;
  5. bright color vest with reflectors;
  6. flashlight;
  7. spare dipped beam.

Please note that window tinting is a direct contraindication to travel to Europe. You can be stopped for it and even fouled.

If the car is not yours - prepare an additional power of attorney for the right to drive the car, where there should be a mark of permission to pass the border on this vehicle.

For those who are planning to travel by bus, get ready for a mess.

From personal experience: firstly, it is often unclear where the landing / disembarkation will take place. And with the fact that international buses are late - it’s also not clear where to look for them.

Secondly, not all carriers adhere to the rule: "Take seats, according to the tickets purchased." Therefore, if you have taken care of the best place beforehand, try to get on the bus first, since the rule here is: who is the first - that and sneakers.

Short waiting time: loaded and drove. If you are late, but you haven’t called and warned beforehand, they are unlikely to wait for you.

But, of course, it all depends on the shipping company. Therefore, if you want to go with comfort and without undue stress, choose, read reviews and do not seek to save a lot.

Note: If you travel according to the scheme: travel from your country to another to the airport, so that the flight to the third cost is cheaper, take into account the fact that the bus can stand at the border from an hour to a day. Depending on the political "swing", the situation at customs and a number of other factors - you may not be in time for the flight. Therefore, come to the country of destination (airport) for the day, so you just do not "miss". In this way, Ukrainians often cross the border of Poland in order to fly from it to Spain.

Behavior at the border: tips and advice

  1. Learn the culture of the country where you enter in advance. Of course, in European countries, culture is very close to us and there should be no problems. But for the countries of Asia, Africa is better prepared.
  2. Learn the rules of transportation of various things: what, in what quantities is permissible. For air travel is very important - because of unlawful baggage you can even be removed from the flight. Therefore, do not take with you what is forbidden to be transported.
  3. Do not use the phone during customs clearance. Do not attempt to take photos and video. This is against the law and will create additional problems for you.
  4. Be calm, behave naturally. Nervousness can cause suspicion on the part of the customs service. Answer honestly all the questions, even the strangest ones, that are asked by border guards.
  5. Prepare the documents in advance: remove the covers from the passports, keep the rest of the accompanying papers with you. You don’t need extra fuss when you pick them up and present.
  6. Do not try to joke, behave too easily and relaxed. Do not go to disputes and conflict. Here you will not prove anything and will only create additional problems, including refusing entry.

What are the issues on the border at the entrance

  • Where are you going?
  • Purpose of arrival?
  • Where are you planning to live?
  • Do you have a hotel reservation?
  • Who do you know from the country?
  • What is your occupation?
  • Where and when was the last time you were abroad?
  • Are you taking food / alcohol?
  • How (where) will you move around the country?
  • Is there a return ticket and when?

And other questions. They can relate to your visit, your personality, your plans, or even knock you out of a rut, for example: “Did you jump with a parachute”. Therefore, think in advance about the answers to the questions below, and also try to keep calm and not be nervous during the answers.

In addition, you may be asked to show documents, hotel reservations, telephone, bag contents, insurance, money and other things that should be by default with you. For example, the optimal amount of cash for the purchase of a return ticket and for life.

In general, if you are fine with documents, there should be no problems.

Reasons for refusal of entry

The most banal - there are no required documents. Others:

  • Incorrectly filled out documents.
  • Fake documents.
  • The period of entry permit has not passed (for example, less than 90 days have passed since the last visit to Poland).
  • Your data is included in the "black list" of foreigners.
  • Your stay may pose a threat to the health, safety, integrity of the state and its inhabitants.
  • You have a criminal record and / or an injunction.
  • Credit debt
  • Late payment and / or alimony.

In case of refusal, you will receive a special stamp on the exit document and the legal basis for the refusal to pass the border control and enter the country.


  • Put in order the documents, correctly fill out all the required accompanying forms.
  • Plan your route in advance and buy tickets.
  • Make sure you have no reason to get a denial of entry.
  • Be calm when passing through customs / border control.

And everything will be fine with you. Good luck!

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