Refusal to issue a Polish visa

2019 | 07 | 05 3351

The arguments with which the consuls operate, refusing to apply for a work visa to Poland, may be several. As practical experience shows, problem situations arise among citizens who:

  • did not provide the entire list of documentation to the Consulate;
  • entered incorrect information when filling out the questionnaire;
  • they wanted to get permission to work in the Polish Republic on counterfeit invitations from a foreign party.

The refusal is received also by persons whose data is entered into the black list of the Information system of the Schengen zone. Their stay in the Schengen countries is prohibited. This list includes persons who have violated the visa regime.

Please note that money made as payment for examining papers for a visa is non-refundable. Therefore, before submitting the documentation, it is recommended to carefully check the information entered the questionnaire and additionally double-check whether you are submitting all the necessary papers.

For 100% to be sure that you will receive a work visa, a positive visa history will help. But at the same time, it is necessary to understand that any citizen may be refused a permit to work in the Republic of Poland. The final decision remains always for the employee of the diplomatic body of Poland - for the consul.

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