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2018 | 05 | 15 2956

“Breath taster” - if you do not tolerate the smell of garlic or alcohol, then this job is definitely not for you, because this way chewing gums are checked. They should drown out the strongest flavors, including garlic and liquor. It is worth noting that you can earn a pretty good amount with your nose, because the ruminant market has already been estimated at billions.

Trend Hunter - Perhaps one of the most bizarre professions, because its meaning is to catch fashion trends. Suppose a customer needs data on emerging youth trends in clothes, shoes, accessories: the trend-hunter visits places that are trendy among young people, watches all youth shows carefully, reads magazines, watches people, provides a report. But how to check his work? Evaluation criteria should be very unusual. In general, if fashion is your life, then keep in mind that you may well become an applicant for the trend-hunter position.

"Shopper" - Individual assistants for the selection of clothing. To become a job seeker for this position, firstly, you must thoroughly study everything that the world of fashion offers today, secondly, you must remember exactly all previous collections, that is, be also a fashion historian. In addition, by itself, to understand the tissues, threads, etc. In other words, to be an academician of fashion. And then the secular lioness will be ready to pay a very tidy sum for your advice in the field of glamor.

 "Web-Sadder" - Fashionable and very exotic profession. As the garden must be cleaned of weeds and old foliage, so sites need to be cleaned of old irrelevant links and updates of old pages. Such vacancies from time to time open the world's leading Internet portals.

“Brader” - Despite the fact that pigtails can braid, if not everyone, then surely through one, it is extremely difficult to find true professionals in this field. Those who really know how to weave braids and hairs are looking for not only ordinary hairdressing salons, but also elite salons. If you have enough patience to braid the braids for 10 hours in a row, then you should pay attention to these vacancies.
"Vikings" - you were not mistaken. This is the announcement of the vacancy was published in the Norwegian media. True, from the Scandinavian warrior was required not the ability to own axes or swords, but to be friendly, well-read and talkative. So the Norwegian travel agencies decided to draw attention to the deaf territories. At the same time, nationality did not matter, the main thing was the desire to learn Norwegian history, customs and legends.
Podliza - The period of economic crisis for the labor market was marked by the emergence of new vacancies and new-old professions. One of them was - "suck". It is noted that modern professional subleases appeared in Japan, after massive layoffs. Former white-collar workers in the most passable places threw compliments to passers-by, those in gratitude left a trifle. Thus, there were even firms that began to recruit staff and determine the schedule and jobs podliz.

“Alibi” - All that is required of applicants is the ability to lie, because the profile of your future employer is the creation of an alibi for your clients. And here, as you know, all methods are good: fake friends, colleagues and relatives, fake conferences and dinner parties, business trips and false calls. Such services are very generously paid by frivolous husbands and windy housewives.

"IT criminologist" - Courses for detectives of cyberspace have appeared at the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University in Germany. Future professionals will have to find traces of financial crimes, fraud or other offenses on the World Wide Web. Such vacancies are opened not only by state investigating authorities, but also by private detective agencies.

"The keeper of the castle" - Similar vacancies are still relevant in Europe. Some time ago, for example, in Slovenia they were looking for a caretaker for one of the ancient castles. In addition to stress resistance, because the ghosts are attached, the applicant must have a guard dog. For 100000evro, the caretaker with the dog must look after the thousand-year castle and inform the public on social networks about everything that happens.

“Doctor's handwriting decoder” - One of Moscow clinics placed such a vacancy for certified doctors. The requirements indicate the mandatory availability of the Internet, it is assumed that this is a distant work, and the age from 40 to 70 years. In addition, there is an online service with similar services.

“Model Kisser” - Bacardi urgently needed a kissing specialist. In the case of a successful casting, the winner had to kiss 10 top models. So, if you have experience as a kisser for at least one year, and you have true love for top models, you can compete for a fee of 150,000 euros.

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