Instruction: how to get a residence permit in Bulgaria

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From the article you will learn:

  1. What gives a residence permit in Bulgaria.
  2. Who can get a residence permit in Bulgaria.
  3. Reasons for obtaining a residence permit.
  4. What documents are needed for registration of a residence permit in Bulgaria.
  5. Step by step scheme for obtaining a residence permit.

What gives a residence permit in Bulgaria

A residence permit in almost any European country is a conditional recognition of your rights to stay in another state, the use of its legislative and social protections. In general, the citizens of the European Union by default have all the prospects and characteristics of a residence permit in the allied states. But Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS-powers that are not members of the EU are limited in their rights to stay in other countries.

Those who want to change their life, to settle in Bulgaria, must apply for a residence permit. Otherwise, opportunities and prospects will be limited at the level of legislation and will create discomfort for living in the most familiar matters.

Benefits granted by a residence permit in the Republic:

  • the right to visit the state without prior permission and visas;
  • permission for education in educational institutions of the country;
  • legal opportunity to register a company and conduct business;
  • opportunity to arrange free children in kindergarten / school;
  • the ability to send an invitation to a private person;
  • permission to stay in the country with no time limit;
  • connect TV, Internet and mobile communications on favorable terms;
  • the right to file documents and obtain the status of permanent residence.

Who can get a residence permit in Bulgaria

A citizen of another state can apply for one of the three permits:

  • Residence permit is issued for a period of up to 1 year with the possibility of renewal.
  • DWA - long-term residence permit is issued up to 5 years with the possibility of renewal.
    Permanent residence - a permanent place of residence can also be obtained by citizens of other states, it does not have a time limit and is one of the conditions for obtaining citizenship.
  • Depending on the type, the legal duration of stay in the Republic and the package of social permits are also determined.

There are two ways to speed up the process of obtaining permanent residence even without first obtaining a residence permit:

  1. Prove Bulgarian origin, if any.
  2. Make a contribution to the economy of the country. And this - 512 thousand euros. And another 512 thousand euros is required to invest in "projects of priority investment" without the ability to withdraw capital for two years. Total - 1,024,000 euros - the cost of obtaining permanent residence in Bulgaria immediately and the prospects for citizenship for the next year. Save at least 5 years.

Grounds for obtaining a residence permit in Bulgaria

The condition of registration is of great importance, and implies urgency, certain difficulties for further consideration of your candidacy.

The following reasons for obtaining a residence permit are common:

  1. Conclusion of an employment contract with an employer from Bulgaria for a period of one year or more. Here, difficulties are solved on the side of the employer: he will have to obtain an appropriate permit from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, confirming that the employer could not find the appropriate qualifications and experience of the Bulgarian employee. In this case, a foreign citizen receives the right to work and the opportunity to issue a residence permit for a period of 1 year.
  2. Company registration and the provision of 10 or more jobs for Bulgarian citizens.
    The conclusion of an official marriage with a citizen of Bulgaria.
  3. Being in the state as a foreign invited expert in international issues. At the same time, Bulgaria should be one of the initiating parties.
  4. Appointment of a representative of an international organization that is officially listed in the BCCI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry).
  5. To be in direct relationship with the person who received permanent residence or is a citizen. At the same time, the financial side of the issue is very important: without proof of solvency, an appropriate permit cannot be obtained.
  6. Acting journalists who have received accreditation in Bulgaria and representing the interests of their publishing house (channel) can easily apply for a residence permit.
  7. To be a pensioner (to confirm it is necessary to issue a pension certificate in advance) and provide proof of solvency per month of life - one thousand euros per family member.
  8. Treatment in medical institutions in Bulgaria for six months and more. Conditions: sufficient financial security for medical expenses and maintenance.
  9. To be part of the family of a citizen who received a residence permit in Bulgaria. This category includes persons of the first line - wife / husband, children.
  10. Make a contribution in the amount of 125 thousand euros for the development of adverse areas of Bulgaria.
  11. Buy real estate in the country is not cheaper than 300 thousand euros.
  12. To be a person officially under the protection of the Bulgarian state in accordance with the Law on Combating Trafficking in Persons.

Please note that the purchase of real estate is cheaper than 300 thousand euros do not give any reason to obtain a residence permit. However, there are prospects for the owner and his family to obtain annual multiple entry visas.

What documents are needed to obtain a residence permit in the Republic of Bulgaria

  • application for a residence permit;
    an address card drawn up at the migration center or the police;
  • D visa and its copies;
    copies of passport;
  • a copy of any document confirming the provision of housing for a year, for example, a paid rental act;
    confirmation of financial solvency for the period of stay in the state - a certificate from the bank, an account statement (by default, the amount must be equal to or greater than 12 minimum wages in Bulgaria);
  • medical insurance for expenses from 30 thousand euros for the entire period of the residence permit;
  • check, which is issued after payment of state duty for registration (10 leva).

For those who are applying for a residence permit, as a pensioner, you will additionally need:

  • copy of the certificate of the pensioner;
  • certificate of receipt of pension benefits for the last quarter.

Please note that all documents must be translated into the state language and legalized. To do this, contact the Bulgarian embassy or official translation agencies that have the appropriate authority.

For the translation of documents, such as a certificate of birth, marriage, a diploma of higher education and other important papers, we recommend making a copy certified by a notary and transferring it to translations.

Step by step scheme for obtaining a residence permit.

  1. Choosing the right basis for registration of a residence permit. The options are presented above.
  2. Collection and preparation of documents. They need to be issued both in your country and directly in Bulgaria. For example, a D visa is issued in your country.
  3. Preparation of copies of documents, their translation and legalization.
  4. Transfer of documents at the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria and obtaining a class D visa
  5. After obtaining a visa, D must arrive in Bulgaria and apply for a residence permit there, and a temporary residence permit is issued for a period of 15-30 days during the execution of the document.

For an accurate list of documents and assistance in resolving a number of organizational issues, you can contact the Bulgarian embassy in your country.

Having received a residence permit, you can qualify for DVR and permanent residence. For registration of the latter requires a total stay in Bulgaria for 30 months over 5 years. After that, you can apply for citizenship.

If you have received a residence permit in Bulgaria and are planning to link your life with this country for a long time, try to spend as much time in the Republic as possible. If during the year you spend most of your time at home or on the road, there are grounds for refusing to extend the residence permit.

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