How can a Ukrainian get a card to stay in Poland?

2019 | 01 | 20 2836

If you want to live in Europe, then the Polish map will be the first step to this. Among the Schengen countries, Poland is most open to our citizens in this direction. If you are on its territory on a national work visa, are officially employed or study, and in the future plan to remain on a permanent basis, then you will definitely need karta pobytu.

Nuances of registration

A temporary visit card is issued for a period of 6 months to three years on the basis of a contract with an employer, documents on registration of a company in Poland, if you are a founder, student card, a document confirming family reunification or scientific activities. In addition, you will need to provide a copy of the rental agreement.

The one-time fee for issuing a temporary card will be about 340 zł, another 50 you will need to pay for the production of a plastic document. An interview for obtaining it can be done in Russian. And wait up to three months until the decision on her extradition will be made. If your work visa expires earlier, then your passport will be marked accordingly, on the basis of which you can legally continue your stay in Poland.

List of documents

For registration karta pobytu you need to provide:

  1. A questionnaire filled out in duplicate in Polish.
  2. The original of the international passport and 3 copies of all its pages with marks.
  3. 5 3,5x 4,5 photos taken in the last 6 months.
  4. Payment check.
  5. Insurance covering the cost of treatment in Poland for the entire stay in the country.
  6. The document on the basis of which you want to receive it.
  7. Fingerprints for biometrics.

Bank statement to confirm solvency. The minimum amount per person per month is 800 zł.
In addition, other documents may be required depending on the basis for receipt and the city.

Advantages of the card

If you are wondering why you need this document, here is the most compelling reason: with it you become a resident of Poland with all the bonuses that flow from it. For example, you can travel without a visa throughout Europe, being in the territory of other countries for no longer than 90 days. However, if you cross the border by land, then you will not put a mark in your passport, and therefore it is impossible to check your stay outside of Poland.

With the card, you will have the right to use medical services and insurance for free. In Poland, you can buy property by registering in your name, or buy a car and drive it into Ukraine as a resident of another country.

You also have the right to apply for a visa to the embassies of the USA and the UK directly in Poland, to open national visas for close relatives.

Stay card extension

When the validity of the document comes to an end, and you still have reason to get it, then a month before the expiration of authenticity, apply for an extension, providing a new photo. Re-interview is not necessary.

Temporary karta pobytu can be the basis for obtaining another document - a card that has become a stay. It can be made by those who live in Poland for more than 5 years. And give it out for 10 years. The cost of issuing such a card is twice as expensive as the temporary one - 680 zł.

Contributions made in the process of receiving cards will not be returned in case of refusal, but it is worth noting that the refusal is practically excluded if everything is in order with your documents. This is a great opportunity to stay in Europe in permanent residence: find a job on the verified job exchange (link), officially find a job on a work visa, get a decent pay and expect to receive a Polish visiting card.

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