What to do if the employer abroad does not fulfill its obligations

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Even on someone else's desire to find work abroad unscrupulous people can cash in on. Not to mention employers who want to get more from their employees for less money.

Job scams and exploitation of workers are particularly acute today for employment abroad. The desire of our compatriots to earn more abroad is fully justified, but not everyone gets a positive experience from the first time. Many face scams. In this article you will learn:

  • 6 signs of fraud in employment abroad.
  • How employers cheat and what to do about it.
  • How to understand that the employer is cheating.
  • Where to turn if the employer deceived.

6 signs of fraud in employment abroad

Let's start with the most basic - job search abroad. If you come across one of the following schemes - think about the honesty and integrity of the interlocutor. Most likely, they want to cash in on you.

1. The contract does not correspond to the actual working conditions.
If you verbally discussed important working moments, like an 8-hour working day, sick days, weekends, living conditions, and in fact received something completely different, which does not suit you - be careful, it is possible that you subscribed to such conditions. Then you will definitely have problems with working abroad.

Do not agree to leave your signature on a contract that is not read. Even if you are in a hurry and the manager is pressing you down, giggling that everything is in order there - “As agreed” - be careful. Otherwise, then you will not be able to prove that you are being exploited.

2. "We will give the passport upon arrival."
Immediately not, do not agree to transfer any of your documents to third parties, even if they threaten you with dismissal. No one has the right to require from you the original passport, except the police and authorized bodies.

Do not settle for the transfer of documents to employment agents, even if they paint for you the golden mountains. The more insistent the manager asks you to give him a passport for some very important things - the further you run from such an agency. Cases of doomed people to slave labor due to the lack of a passport in a foreign country are common and relevant. And to prove something without a passport, in another country you will be difficult.

3. Prepayment.
It is normal when an employment agency abroad takes money from you for paperwork. However, if this amount exceeds the required one several times, think, and if you are not poking a bubble with a needle in a soapy bubble?

The so-called one-day firms appear in each city. If you go to an unverified young company, in which you are promised “just about” to be sent to work for a modest amount of $ 500 or more - think about it, maybe you want to be thrown at money.

According to paragraph 9.13 of the Cabinet of Ministers resolution, licensed agencies engaged in mediation in employment abroad, do not have the right to take money for their services in advance. First, a contract is signed between the applicant and the employer, after which payment is possible.

4. Missing license.
Everyone has the right to request it, and it is not a question of embarrassment, but the need for personal safety. You should not be denied this request, and if the agency manager refuses, directly or indirectly, there is reason to doubt the reliability of such an organization.

5. Any visa will do.
After the approval of visa-free travel for Ukrainians, it became easier to go abroad. But visa-free does not give the right to work in a foreign country. This is one of the schemes that employers cheat applicants: they are invited to work under a tourist or other visa. So they protect themselves from unnecessary paperwork, plus do not pay taxes for the employee. And the applicant has less rights and more responsibilities.

6. Take without question.
You came to work, but you were not asked about skills, experience, desired salary? There is clearly something unclean here, or you came to a day job as a loader, a harvest worker. Then yes, experience and skills are of no importance to the profession. But if you have specific duties, the skills for which are necessary, but they were not even asked about them - be careful. Perhaps, here they are taking in order to cash in, and not to pay the promised salary.

How employers abroad cheat and what to do about it

Unfortunately, the desire to work is cashing in both in Ukraine and abroad. The most common cases are:

  • low salary, rather than stipulated in employment;
    no weekend;
  • lack of sick leave;
  • living conditions differ from those promised for the worse;
  • illegal employment.

The standard scheme, in which the employer abroad rather did not deceive, and the recruitment manager deliberately concealed the truth:

“I came to work: I paid $ 120 for the documents, for the services of recruiting 3o, I did not look at the documents, because the manager promised everything in rainbow colors: safe work, living in an apartment with his room, a good salary.

In fact, it turned out to be work at a plant for the production of various chemicals for cars. After the first day, he felt nauseous, dizzy, hands cracked to the blood from contact with chemistry. Settled in a four-room apartment with another 30 roommates.

The next day, she found herself working in the kitchen in the restaurant. However, here he deceived the employer abroad, paying only half of the agreed salary. Without an employment contract, I could not prove anything. And contacting the law enforcement agencies is also illegal labor activity is punishable everywhere in Europe. ”

How to understand that the employer is cheating

If you decide to look for a job yourself - be careful and do not be fooled. It is possible to determine unscrupulous employers according to the conditions that he offers during the interview.

1. Free trial period.
Getting a job, a person expects to receive money, but do not try to idle. In normal companies and in the field, minimum compensation for the period of the internship is provided. If you are offered to waste a week - a month - you should not agree. Since after two weeks you may be an unsuitable candidate and you will be “fired” without any compensation of labor.

So employers very well save on staff members who have gone on vacation. Or in positions that are needed temporarily.

2. Buy form / inventory.
Come to work, and you are told that you first need to buy a working robe, or any tools to start working here. Such deception at work abroad is rare, but if you get such offers, be careful. The normal organization of the necessary equipment and clothing will provide you with employment. And the attempt to impose and sell on the very first working day is a soap bubble, and very soon the company can “burst” and disappear. But in the end you did not earn anything, and even lost more.

3. Work in the "Black".
Always insist on formal contract employment. Otherwise, a situation where an employer deceives with a salary, creates unbearable conditions for life can become a reality. The contract protects you from cheating at work.

In addition, the “black” form of employment is illegal and if you are caught up with this, they will deport you home and may spoil your visa history. Most likely, you will not soon be able to go to work abroad.

Therefore, if the employer offers employment in the "black" - think about it, since in this case you are not protected from fraud at work.

Where to go if the employer deceived

Unfortunately, you are not lucky and you are faced with deception at work abroad. You have to understand that you have less rights here than the indigenous people, and if you come under a “black” contract, it will be difficult to achieve justice and with consequences for you.

When the question arises: “What if the employer deceived with the salary?”, Then our residents are accustomed to write a statement to the police. Abroad, especially in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary, if nothing threatens your life, it may be useless to contact the police. Most likely, they will not even help you in your search for justice, without an employment contract. But if there is a labor contract - deception at work abroad is already legally considered by law enforcement agencies.

He deceived an employer abroad with a salary or working conditions - first of all call the information line for immigrants (or the police service for foreigners). Find a phone on the Internet is not difficult, enter the query: "information line for immigrants" Country ", where instead of" country "insert the one you need.

Also, you can find support in the embassy of your country in a foreign country.

Be careful, attentive and do not be fooled. A good offer can be a good scam. Check out the company, look for reviews on the Internet and always enter into an employment contract.

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