Duties of the chef

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Responsibilities of the chef in the restaurant

Do you know what functions the chef still performs in institutions other than cooking? His responsibilities include over 7 managerial and organizational functions. For those who in the future want to become a chef in a restaurant, you should now learn to get the skills described below and enter them into your resume.

Standard Chef Responsibilities

Grocery control. The chief makes applications for the purchase of goods. Accordingly, it tracks their volumes, keeps records and various types of accountability for products. Evaluates the quality of goods received by the kitchen, monitors their storage standards, terms and quality.
Works with the menu. In many ways, it depends on the main cook what menu will be in the restaurant. He picks up dishes, makes up the menu and tracks the popularity of certain dishes. In the power of chifa (chef) to make changes in the menu. According to the standard, this happens every season: depending on the climate, region and demand, some dishes in the assortment appear or disappear. For example, in the summer the offer for cold lemonade is actual, and in winter - for hot mulled wine.
The duty of the Chief is to train staff. Or rather - cooks. Format and intensity determines chif. This can be both master classes for staff, and selection / payment for courses / master classes on the side. For example, if there is no pastry chef in the team who can draw on sweets - it is not necessary to hire a person with such skills, you can train your pastry chef with the required skills. The decision about this takes the main culinary.
Trains. Work as a cook is the responsibility of the chifa. He not only monitors the process of cooking his subordinates, but also participates.
Controls the presentation and presentation of food. Each restaurant has its own unique style and design. The Chief makes sure that the recommendations on the design are supported and the visitor receives a unique dish.
Makes requirements for personal staff. Those. writes duties for those who work in the kitchen, sharing responsibility among all.
Maintains inventory, monitors equipment and its performance. Lists the necessary equipment, makes a request for the repair of faulty kitchen appliances.
The position of chief cook is a big responsibility. As a captain on a ship, the Chief will be responsible for everything that happens in the kitchen. Any mistake of the staff is the mistake of the chef himself. He sets an example, instructs his colleagues and is the main engine of the entire restaurant process.

Depending on the type of the restaurant, its orientation, qualification of the specialists, the chief may have other duties. They must be discussed in advance and briefly prescribed in the employment contract. After all, knowing what responsibilities are assigned to the boss, you can defend the rights and clearly regulate activities.

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