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Profession of the manager of the house

To do all the work and monitor all the processes in such a house, the owner would have to spend a huge amount of his time. But not to the owner, who has a house manager, he performs managerial functions and helps to provide comfort and safety for family members.

Home Manager: Responsibilities

Life support at home

The duties of such a specialist include a huge number of tasks related to both property and personnel. The manager is responsible for the life support of the residential area: to avoid problems with water, heat, electricity, sewerage. In short, the house manager should ensure that the building of the house does not bring any discomfort to its residents.

Comfortable stay of owners

This specialist is responsible not only for the building itself, but also for the people who live in it. That is why the manager decides organizational issues related to cleanliness (cleaning inside and maintaining the cleanliness of the adjacent territory, as well as washing things), food, supplies with necessary products (for example, cleaning and washing materials) and the car's performance.

Personnel Management

Thus, in order to ensure a comfortable residence of the owners of the property, the manager must organize and monitor the work of all the personnel in the house, both full-time and invited to perform one-time tasks. Such an expert should ensure that all members of the team - cook, maid, guard, gardener, etc. - perform their work at the proper level and adhere to internal rules. The manager also often deals with the selection of personnel and the regulation of their work schedule, hospital, replacement of workers, etc.

Home and property security

Another aspect for which the manager must answer is security. This person has a lot of information about the employer with his family, so it is very important that he strictly adhere to the non-disclosure rule. Also, he must inform about the security measures the personnel who work in the house.

Necessary skills, knowledge and experience

In addition to managerial qualities and a high level of responsibility, a house manager must have other skills. This, in particular, financial literacy, to compile and monitor various estimates and allocate funding for housing maintenance.

In addition, the manager owns the rules of etiquette, in charge of preparing various events. Also often this specialist is required to have skills of a sommelier and knowledge of a foreign language.

The average cost of the manager's services is from 400 euros, but this amount depends on many factors and is always discussed individually with the employer.

Therefore, prepare yourself that the process of choosing a good specialist can be long, and his salary expectations are quite high. But when it comes to your safety and comfort for your family, do not save time and money.

What information about the skills and experience should be indicated to the manager?

Example summary. 


Manager of a country house, Djenovichi (Montenegro)

September 2010 - February 2015


  • Full maintenance of the functioning of the house and organization of care of the adjacent territory.
  • Distribution and optimization of expenses, preparation of financial reports.Procurement of food and household goods.
  • Work with service departments.
  • Maintenance of material accounting of valuables in the house.
  • Recruitment and training of servants.
  • Minor repair of internal systems (water supply, electricity, heating and ventilation).

Additional skills that were used in the work:

  • Owning new technologies for cleaning pools.
  • Work with garden equipment.
  • Care of pets.
  • Driving license category B.
  • Languages: Russian (native), English (intermediate / conversational level).

The process of finding a worthy position can be long, but if you fill the resume correctly, the employer will be able to find you quickly and offer exactly the conditions that you are looking for. Remember that the better you describe your skills and experience in the resume, the more chances you have to get the desired position.

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