ABOUT PROFESSION! A good gardener - who is he?

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Features of the gardener

It is unlikely that you ever seriously thought about what he is - a good gardener, until you come up with a search for a suitable candidate. You may think that this profession does not require special qualification - to cut bushes, plant flowers - and that's all. But in fact, everything is not so simple.

There are people who think that there is no need to hire a skilled gardener, whose services are usually not cheap. What does this eventually turn into? The purchase of new plants every spring and the death of the old. Imagine only: the dead 15-year-old palm trees and sick rose bushes, which are more than ten years old. And this is a real life example, when the owners decide that the gardener costs too much. Is there any sense in saving?

Why is it difficult to work with plants?

The main function of a gardener is to look after plants. But to reflect only - how many different plants exist, and everyone after all needs certain conditions and certain care. It is often difficult to predict how they will behave. It is more difficult to work with them than with people. If the patient, when he comes to the hospital, can explain what hurts him, then the plants can not inform the gardener about what is wrong with them.

Gardener - a doctor of the garden
In general, a gardener can be compared with a doctor, and the plants he cares for are his patients. If the site is large - the gardener needs a team of workers. In this case, he not only deals with plants, but also the organization of the team, the distribution of duties. Gardeners have different directions in work, just as different doctors in the hospital perform different functions.

Gardeners, whose main task is to assess the general state of plants, can be called garden therapists. They should inspect the plants and the general view of the site, evaluate, and prescribe medicines, fertilizers. This category of gardeners usually plans activities for the treatment or modification of plants.

Another category of gardeners is garden surgeons; they perform work with interference in the structure of plants. They cut bushes and other objects on the territory, turning plants into architectural objects.

Still there are gardeners who have a narrower specialization - for example, they treat plants affected by cancer. Such specialists can be called garden dermatologists: they know how to deal with damage to the leaves or bark of plants.

There are rare cases when a gardener can perform all of the listed functions. This group of gardeners is the most in demand, and it's no accident, after all, such professionals are a huge work - constant self-education and practice.

A gardener who can be called a good specialist

A good gardener, first of all, should like plants and be considerate - to see the slightest changes and act immediately. But in order for the actions to be effective, they need to constantly develop, be interested in the news in their field. The gardener should be prepared for the appearance of unaccounted factors - for example, a fungus or a sharp cold snap.

In general, the gardener should be able to work with plants, know the main species and understand what conditions are necessary for them. It is possible to single out such main types of works: landscaping, current care, design, seasonal design, growing seedlings, purchasing materials, planting and caring for plants and others.

Hiring a gardener, be prepared that the services of a good gardener (one or with a team) are expensive. But thanks to the Internet and the availability of all information, it's easy to check how competent a specialist you are hiring. Having inspected the territory, a good gardener will be able to outline the scope of work, the approximate plan, etc. Also note that the neglected state of the garden greatly increases the list of tasks for the gardener and delays the achievement of the goal.

How much does the gardener work?

How much does a gardener usually earn abroad? The average salary of such a specialist is about 500 euros, but it can vary, depending on experience and other factors.

How to fill the resume to the gardener competently? Resume sample.

Gardening Gardener

Private Estate, Baška Voda, Croatia

2015-2017 (3.5 years)


  • Planning works on the site;
  • Soil preparation;
  • Lawn laying;
  • Selection and planting of plants;
  • Plant nutrition and chemical protection;
  • Growing of flower seedlings
  • Figured haircut and phytosanitary pruning of plants;
  • Decoration of the greenhouse.

Additional responsibilities:

  • Management team of 5 people;
  • Purchase of planting stock;
  • Control over engineering work while laying the road-trotting network.

Note that when writing a resume it is not enough to write in the duties of "working on a garden plot" - this information is too general and does not disclose your duties in the previous work. Always indicate what you did, because concreteness is the guarantee of a good resume!

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