ABOUT PROFESSION! What should a cook and assistant cook know?

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Need a cook? Requirements for the profession

Cooking can take a lot of our time, but for some people cooking is an art. That person is a cook. The cook often not just prepares food - he creates a creative solution and looks for non-standard approaches. Also, he can create a home cosiness and at the same time take care of your health, preparing home food from quality products. Therefore, a good cook is worth its weight in gold, and finding it can be quite problematic.

Let's figure out what the cook should be able to do, and if you are an applicant, how to fill out a resume to find the best place for work.

What should a cook

To begin with, it is necessary to distinguish the work of the cook in catering establishments and in the family. The first, as a rule, has a narrower focus - the cuisine of a particular country in the world, or the ability to prepare a certain set of dishes offered by this institution. In the second case, the employee must be a universal specialist.

From the cook who comes to work in the family, often require the ability to cook something tasty and quickly, taking into account the employer's preferences. Often, such a specialist will expect that he will be able to diversify the menu, offer a variety of dishes.

It is also often the responsibility of the chef to purchase products or create lists for the purchase of food and cleaning the kitchen after cooking. Some employers also ask the chef about table setting and serving, but this often happens if there are not enough people in the house.

From the cook usually require work experience and sometimes appropriate education. Employers who have children, are waiting for the cook to prepare children's cuisine.

Also, a medical book is usually required from a candidate.

Chef Assistant: Responsibilities

The chef's assistant requirements are much lower, because he usually works under the guidance of an experienced specialist who checks his work and prompts. The basic requirements: the ability to cook, responsibility and diligence, as well as cleanliness. Such a candidate, as a rule, does not require work experience.

How much does the cook earn
Wages, which should be oriented chef, - 500 euros. For an assistant chef this amount is slightly lower - 350-400 euros.

Example of a resume for a cook

Family cook with family living, Moscow

October 2012 - November 2013


  • Drawing up the main menu.
  • Cooking for a family of 3 people, 2 times a day;
  • Preparation of dishes from European and Asian cuisine;
  • Cleaning of the workplace;
  • Serving dishes on the table;
  • Purchase of products with driver.


  • European cuisine is the main specialty, I also have experience in cooking Asian and Mexican dishes.
  • Making menus for a particular person or institution;
  • Preparation of children's food.

As you can see, the profession of the cook does not involve many skills. The main thing, and at the same time the most difficult, is to be able to prepare a variety of food and make a menu for different needs. But still you can expect additional functions - the purchase of products or serving the table. In any case, the first step is to write a resume, everything else will be discussed separately with the employer.

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