ABOUT PROFESSION! What should a personal driver be able to do?

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How to choose a driver: the key skills of a personal driver

Having a driver, you will no longer need to look for a parking lot, pass the maintenance and contact with the DPS staff. At the same time it is quite easy to find a driver, but a good driver can be quite a difficult task. What you need to be able to find a good job? And what should you expect from the driver of an employer who has high demands? Now we will talk about this.

Duties of the personal driver
To begin with, the driver has two main tasks: moving the employer and caring for the car.

Such a person carries a leader or other people at the request of the employer.

Vehicle condition
The driver is responsible for the technical condition and appearance of the car - it can be car washing, repair, passing maintenance, etc. Thus, the driver must do everything to ensure the safe and comfortable movement of his employer.

Personal instructions of the employer

Among the additional duties may be such as the execution of personal orders of the leader, for example, the delivery of food. It should be taken into account that such work is often not standardized, since assignments can be received at night and on weekends. A driver should always be ready to start a car.

What should a personal driver be able to do?

Now let's move on to the requirements. First, it is a driver's license: they usually require category B, but they can also search for a person with a category B and C document or even B, C, C, E. Also, as a rule, a candidate requires a good knowledge of the roads of the city in which he will continue to work. In addition, the driver usually requires technical literacy, so that he knows how the car is arranged.

Even from the applicant often experience work experience of 5 years and in some cases even the skills of extreme driving, with this is the accident-free work experience. There are also vacancies in which people with experience in cars of a representative class are directly looking for.

Of the possible additional requirements - knowledge of etiquette, competent speech, pleasant appearance and the absence of bad habits. Such requirements can be expected if you are employed to work for a person who occupies a high position in the society. Then the driver can demand and compliance with the dress code.

The average salary of such a specialist is about 600 euros, but, of course, depends on experience and place of employment.

Sample CV of the driver in the family

The driver of the car, Birzai, Lithuania

September 2013 - June 2016


  • Lineup of the head and other people on his behalf;
  • Monitoring the technical condition of the car;
  • Performing work to ensure its safe operation;
  • Passage of maintenance and technical inspection;
  • Maintenance of serviceability and cleanliness of the car;
  • Performance of instructions of the head.

About myself:

  • The total experience of the driver is 7 years
  • Accident free work experience - 6 years.
  • Lack of bad habits.

Punctuality and responsibility.

Thus, the driver can only require the presence of a certificate and work experience, and can expect a person with additional skills and individual characteristics. In any case, a well-written resume will help you find exactly your ideal place of work and the right employer.

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