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The professional skills of the guard and his duties

Questionnaire for the post of guard: how to fill out
Do you think you all know about the duties of the guard and generally about his work? And here not! We decided to better acquaint you with the specifics of this profession, and also give you a hint how to fill out a resume if you are in search of a job as a security guard.

Work abroad for the guard can have different variations: employment in the family, in the office, at industrial facilities, in supermarkets, etc. If the country has access to the sea, it is possible to earn it by protecting maritime vessels. There are also various variations of the profession, such as a security guard, if the guard is taken to work in a country house, or a guard-watchman.

Duties of the guard

The main task of the guard is to ensure security for both people and property. For example, if a person protects private property, he is responsible for the safety of his employer, his family and also the home where they live. To do this, he must monitor, prevent and identify various dangers and violations. To this end, often organize visual and video surveillance of the territory.

In addition, this specialist can accompany his employer if he is traveling somewhere, or accompany the transportation of securities or other important things. Also, a good security guard, as a rule, can install security and fire-security systems, as well as install security equipment. It is also often the responsibility of the guard to draw up reports on the work done and, in general, on the situation in the protected area. Also, the guard may be asked to carry out various assignments of the employer, thus giving him the duties of a personal assistant.

On the peculiarities of the profession

With experience, such specialists learn to read people and notice suspicious and unnatural behavior. Guards should always be ready for action, even if they just watch the whole day. Therefore, if from the side this work can seem calm and monotonous, but in fact it is quite stressful.

There is an opinion that security is similar to military service in some aspects. Often the guards are former servicemen and police officers, also often people who used to work in production enterprises.

Professional requirements for the guard

Among the basic requirements for such a specialist, you can often meet certain personal qualities: responsibility and organization, punctuality, the ability to make quick decisions, and communication skills. Often a candidate needs work experience of 1 year, good physical preparation and knowledge of a foreign language (if this is a security guard's vacancy abroad). The advantage will also be the ability to work with appropriate computer programs, as well as video surveillance and surveillance systems.


The average wage is about 500 euros, but this is still a conditional amount, which depends on both the employer and the candidate. This is also affected by experience and the availability of additional responsibilities.

The amount of wages can also be affected by the availability of driver's licenses, certificates, etc. In addition, in some vacancies offer a higher salary in the presence of a dog (for example, 12 euros per hour instead of 10).

Create resume Security officer

Senior security guard in the office, Wroclaw, Poland

June 2016 - August 2017


  • Ensuring the security of the office premises and staff;
  • Work with video surveillance and alarm systems;
  • Opening and closing of the office, as well as setting up for alarm;
  • Control of access mode;
  • Issuance of keys to office staff and passes to company guests;
  • Control of transport on the territory of the company: vehicles for employees and guests, equipment for repair works, etc.
  • Management team (3 people).


  • Extensive experience with weapons.
    Experience with video surveillance systems.
    Computer skills at a high level.

Extra skills:

Experience of training of service dogs.

Personal qualities:

  • Principle
  • Demanding
  • Ability to work with people
  • Fast learner


As we see, the profession of a security guard requires certain skills and experience, depending on the place of work. Determine exactly what specificity of protection would suit you most and fill out the CV, indicating all details and the desired level of wages.

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