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Whom to choose - the nurse or the governess?

We often need help with a child, but it's very difficult to find someone you can trust. And who do we need - a nanny or a governess? What is the difference between these professions? If you are looking for a job as a nanny or a governess - how to fill the resume correctly?

Now we will talk about this.

Nanny and governess: the main differences

Both the nanny and the governess spend time with the children, only do it for different purposes. A nanny, as a rule, cares for the child, feeds him, dresses, plays with him, diverts him to various sections. At the same time, the main task of the governess is to deal with the child, prepare him for school or simply develop it and improve his knowledge. Therefore, the governess, besides pedagogical education, should also have a profile - linguistics, mathematics, physics, etc. From nannies they only require pedagogical education, although not all families.

To better understand the difference, it is enough to look at how these professionals distribute their working time. So, the nanny spends about 70% of working time on solving household issues and 30% on development of the child, and the governess, in turn, spends 70% on child development and 30% on household issues.

Another key difference in the age of the child: a nanny is usually required for children from 1 to 5 years, and a governess for a child of preschool and school age (5-10 years).

What is the responsibility of nanny in the family?

The main responsibility of the nurse is to provide the necessary care for the child, so that he feels comfortable and safe, while the parents are not at home. This includes regular feeding in the light of parental wishes (and possible cooking), games with the child and help in his daily activities. Nanny walks with him and takes him to different sections (if the child goes there). In addition, babysitting is required to ensure the cleanliness of the child and his environment: bathing a child, washing and ironing children's clothes, cleaning the children's room and kitchen after meals, and possible other tasks.

The tasks of nannies also depend on the age of the child, because a nanny can be required for an infant or an older child. For example, an assistant for a baby, among other things, should visit medical institutions with a child and follow the schedule of vaccinations.

But it is important to remember that a nanny is not a housekeeper, although many parents require performing a wide range of household tasks from such an employee. If the nanny starts to do too much work - removes the whole house, strokes all things, etc., then she has little time left for the child.

Although there is a separate profession - nanny-servant, who fulfills the duties of two professions, and the list of her tasks is stipulated in advance.

Governess: Responsibilities

Today there is a tendency when from the earliest age a child is trying to develop as much as possible - to learn a foreign language, and mathematics, to drive to a dance studio, etc. And you can find a lot of places where specialists will help with this. But it would be even better if a qualified person was constantly engaged in the work with the child, gave new knowledge, helped with the lessons. This is the purpose of the governess, or, in other words, the home teacher.

The peculiarity of the governess's job is that this specialist, as a rule, works with children of preschool and primary school age. The governess helps the child do the lessons and checks how he completed all the tasks. At the same time, she can teach him a specific subject (which is her specialization) - language, mathematics, biology, etc. If the child is only going to go to school, she prepares it and conducts developmental games. Also the governess instills ethical norms and rules of behavior, teaches how to behave properly in society.

Moreover, the governess, working with the child a lot, can determine his inclinations and talents, and advise parents how best to develop these abilities in the child.

But 30% of the time the governess spends 30% on solving household issues: feed the child, pat clothes and help to get ready for school. Also the governess walks with the child.

What do you usually need from a nanny and a governess?

In addition to pedagogical education, an expert will expect work experience. Advantage for both the governess and the nurse will be the knowledge of new methods for the development of children and the passage of special courses, trainings, seminars. Also a good indicator is the availability of recommendations from previous employers.

Cost of nanny and governess services abroad

The salary of a governess is, as a rule, 20-30% higher than that of a nanny. This amount depends on education, experience and skills, the number of working hours, for the governess - from the knowledge of a foreign language and additional skills (music, drawing, etc.). Thus, the average salary of a governess is 800 euros, and the nanny - 600 euros.

What should I indicate in my resume for a nanny? Sample Prompt for You

Nanny for a girl of school age

October 2015 - July 2017


  • Take / take the child from school;
  • Draw to drawing;
  • To spend with the child developing games;
  • Go for walks with a child;
  • Checking the homework;
  • Cooking and feeding;
  • Care of children's things;
  • Easy cleaning of the nursery.

About myself:

  • I know how to approach the child; I love children and they feel it.
  • I know the methods of teaching children of primary school age.
  • I know many recipes for healthy food and I know how to cook deliciously.
  • I myself have two adult daughters.
  • I'm decent, patient, and responsible.
  • I have positive characteristics from previous jobs.
  • I do not have any bad habits.


Graduated from the psychology course at the Pedagogical University.
Now you know about the difference between a nanny and a governess. You also need to know this for those who are looking for a job, because the more clearly you formulate your vision for the future work, the easier it will be to fill a resume and eventually find a job that will suit you.

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