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Work as a massage therapist abroad: the characteristics of the profession

After a day's work, we often feel fatigue and back pain. Sometimes we just need to relax. Sometimes we need serious help with back pain. According to statistics, about 80 percent of the world's population suffers from diseases of the musculoskeletal system. That is why massage is not a luxury, but often a regular necessity.

To whom do we turn in this case? To the masseur who can help our body and us feel better. But this is a very responsible job, because our body is a mechanism to which you must correctly approach, otherwise you can do harm. But the masseur's courses can be completed in just three months. Is it enough to work with the body of adults or children and influence their health?

Let's look at the intricacies of working as a masseur.

Types of massage and the specifics of the massage therapist
In general, you can distinguish three areas of massage and therefore three areas in the work of a massage therapist - a therapeutic, cosmetic and sports massage. Massage massage is most often used for problems with health and works in conjunction with other measures of treatment. Cosmetic is aimed at making a person look more attractive, and sportier - to improve a person's working capacity without risk to health.

Features of the massage therapist

Such a professional should well know the structure of the body, the basis of anatomy and physiology, to know where the nerve endings are, in which places one can use force. The masseur must see what the patient needs, be able to conduct his own diagnosis. And this, as with a doctor, requires many years of experience and self-education. The masseur must constantly learn new techniques and improve his work. We often see how bruises appear after work with the masseur, and this shows the incompetence of a specialist. Also a good specialist should always take into account the reaction to the procedure and analyze the general condition of the patient.

In general, the masseur needs to have different massage techniques and be able to work with apparatuses and aids - with wax, clay, essential oils.

Thus, the duties of a masseuse usually include a set of literate actions for improving health. This is the application of various massage techniques, and counseling, and ordering in the massage room. If the expert is engaged in cosmetic massage, he must own hardware cosmetology, be able to wrap, perform SPA-procedures.

What do you need to become a good masseur?

Usually from a masseur require medical education or appropriate courses with the availability of a valid certificate. Also, as a rule, require work experience.

But other than that there are other important aspects of this work.

The masseurs should have very strong hands, because this is their main tool. That's why they regularly train, do strength exercises, perform exercises for the flexibility of the hands and fingers. In addition, such work - this is a very strong burden on the back, so it must also be healthy with the masseur.

You can not think about it, but the masseur must also be a good psychologist. Massage involves establishing a contact so that the patient can relax. In addition, massage can be painful, so the patient must trust what the specialist does. Also the masseur must have patience and really love people.

Masseur and chiropractor

Often people confuse two professions - a masseur and a chiropractor. The manual therapist is a doctor and corrects vertebrae and joints, correcting the problems of the spine. At the same time, the masseur works exclusively with soft tissues and skin.

Features of the work of a children's masseur

This specialist usually focuses on prevention, so that the child does not have health problems. The masseur also works on correcting physical defects, improving the work of the child's body.

Such an expert should be able to find an approach to children, often he works with infants. For very young children a special kind of massage is used: it is a combination of such actions as stroking, rubbing, kneading and vibration.

In general, there are several types of children's massage - therapeutic, corrective and preventive, and a good masseur must understand the difference and know these techniques. Often a children's masseur himself develops an individual program for a small patient.

Cost of massage services in Europe

It is important to understand that the services of both a child and an adult masseur are not cheap, and if a person is really competent - it's worth it. In particular, one massage session in Europe will cost about 20-30 euros or even more, and the salary of the masseur will already depend on the hours worked. But this figure depends on experience, professionalism, certificates, the country in which the specialist works, etc.

How to write a massage masseur? Sample for filling

Masseur, instructor of therapeutic gymnastics

I work as a masseur since 2008
I perform such types of massage:

  • Therapeutic and therapeutic gymnastics
  • Children's
  • Sports
  • Modeling (tonic)
  • Anti-cellulite.


She graduated from the massage courses (2008, 4 months), therapeutic physical training (2009, 2 months), as well as cosmetic-corrective massage (2011, 4 months).


  • She is passionate about her work.
  • I constantly improve my skills and knowledge.
  • High performance for long periods of time.

It is very difficult to find a good masseur, some take years to do it. But if you are the very good specialist, fill in the CV correctly and let the best employers find you.

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