ABOUT PROFESSION! Personal Assistant: Requirements and Responsibilities

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What should a personal assistant manager?

A personal assistant is a profession with fairly broad responsibilities. Many people are interested in the question: is this assistant really a necessity for every busy person or is it an employee without whom you can also deal with tasks efficiently? Let's understand, having understood, what exactly enters into duties of such assistant and that from it usually expect.

Personal assistant functions

The duties of a personal assistant can be quite diverse: they can consist of cases related to the home, or may consist in the help of a manager for work.

The duties of a personal assistant, as a rule, include a full range of organizational and information support for the employer.

  • meeting planning
  • purchase of tickets
  • hotel reservation
  • search for places or people
  • correspondence and calls at the request of the head, etc.
  • search for the systematization of all necessary information and an operational report.

A personal assistant must serve as a daily schedule and a calendar for the leader, reminding of all the upcoming events or any changes. Also such an expert performs and various personal assignments of the employer. Such an assistant can manage everyday moments and even manage the home staff of the manager.

A personal assistant usually accompanies the leader at events and meetings, while he must be available for communication in 24/7 mode. Therefore, such a person should be ready for a non-standardized working day, work in an intensive mode, and in addition, to frequent business trips.

Personal Assistant: requirements for the candidate

To the personal assistant usually high enough requirements. This is experience, and knowledge, and certain personal qualities. In particular, at this position one usually wants to see a person with a higher education, with work experience of 2 years, with an active life position, good communication and organizational skills, as well as a high level of stress resistance. Even from such a specialist expect a high level of concentration and ability to smooth conflicts.

In addition, the candidate must have competent oral and written speech, knowledge of English at a high level, knowledge of business etiquette, as well as knowledge of computer programs and the ability to make effective presentations. Also, a personal assistant often expects a well-groomed appearance.

The average salary of such a specialist is 800 euros, but this is an approximate figure, which depends on experience, and on knowledge, and on the number and complexity of tasks that a person will perform in this position.

Generally today, the format of the profession has changed a little thanks to technology, so an assistant can work remotely, only occasionally coming to the employer. There are also assistant freelancers, who simultaneously work for several employers.

On some pitfalls of the profession of a personal assistant

A personal assistant is a person who, in fact, lives for a stranger, satisfying his needs. According to a personal assistant of a wealthy Londoner, his job is to constantly take care of the employer's life, helping him, not himself. Therefore, the ego in such a profession can become a hindrance.

In general, in such relations, the assistant-employer is the main thing - this is trust, since such an employee owns a lot of confidential information, in particular about the personal life and working aspects of the employer. That's why he can not talk about his work with friends and even with his family.

Another point about which it is important to know: from a personal assistant it is often expected that he will not have small children and other factors that may require a lot of time from the employee.

The best example of a personal assistant's resume

Personal Assistant to the Family Leader

March 2011 - August 2013


  • Organization of family and leader's trips: booking tickets, booking hotels, searching for excursions;
  • Purchase tickets for various events: cinema, theater, concerts, etc .;
  • Selection of tutors for the employer's children;
  • Selection of home staff and conducting an initial interview;
  • Payment of bills;
  • Collection of documents;
  • Purchase of products and products for the home, as well as buying clothes and various items in online stores;
  • Search for specialists for repair work in the house, repair of air conditioning systems, etc .;
  • The distribution of the employer's children to a kindergarten / school;
    An appointment with a doctor.

About myself:

  • iterate speech, knowledge of English at the upper-intermediate level;
  • Driving license category B, B1 and driving experience more than 7 years;
  • Ability to work in multitasking mode, diligence, discipline.

Thus, a personal assistant can really become an indispensable person in the life of the employer, performing many functions. Leaders who had personal assistants no longer represent their lives without such an employee. There are a lot of offers on this profession, but you need to describe your experience and skills in the resume in as much detail as possible in order to get the right place for you.

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