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Housekeeper, maid, housekeeper - about the work of each profession

Hearing about these three professions - maid, housekeeper, housekeeper - we often understand in general what their representatives are doing, but we still do not know the main differences. And if you want to find a job in this field or you are looking for such an employee, it is especially important for you to understand what the functions of each of these professions are.

What does the maid do?

In the maid's duties, as a rule, the whole range of tasks is included to ensure the cleanliness and order in the house. This, in particular, dry and wet cleaning the house, cleaning the bathrooms, as well as washing the windows. In addition, the maid is responsible for the cleanliness of things: washing and ironing, putting in dry cleaners, as well as changing bed linen.

What is the work of a housekeeper and housekeeper?

The duties of the servant include the same, but also cooking. In turn, the profession of the housekeeper is different from the housekeeper: this employee is responsible for the reasonable allocation of funding for the house and for the staff, and, in addition, for organizing various repair works in the house. In general, the housekeeper has a higher level of responsibility than that of a housekeeper, although their duties are similar.

But today, in most cases, the functions of a housekeeper and housekeeper are united into one profession - housekeeper-housekeeper. In this case, the housekeeper often performs the functions of the housekeeper.

Therefore, a housekeeper-housekeeper (or just a housekeeper) is a person who is responsible for cleanliness, food and supplies the house and people living in it with everything necessary. If the employer usually orders food from the restaurant, then the housekeeper will be left to put on the table, and then remove everything.

Housekeepers are usually given out the financing that it must allocate for the management of the economy-the purchase of products, the payment of bills, etc. Therefore, the housekeeper often calculates the consumption of gas, water, electricity. At the end of the week / month, she must provide an expense report.

What a housekeeper and maid should be able to do

House cleaning

Both the maid and the housekeeper are responsible for cleaning the house, so they must be able to use various devices - for example, a vacuum cleaner or an electric floor cleaner, which help to clean the room better and faster, and also to know what cleaning tools are better for using.
Care of clothes

Also in the scope of their duties is the care of things. Since they are responsible for all the things they do, such professionals should be extremely careful: what mode to choose for washing, what tools to use, whether they can be ironed, etc.

Organization of events

Sometimes a housemaid can be responsible for arranging holidays and meeting guests. In this case, a person with additional skills (for example, knowledge of etiquette) is immediately sought for this position, and at the same time he can count on a higher salary.

How much does the housekeeper, maid and housekeeper earn?
On average, the maid earns 300 euros, the housekeeper - 400, and the housekeeper - 500 euros, but this is still conditional data. If a person performs the functions of a housekeeper and a housekeeper, and at the same time has a good work experience - the salary, of course, will be higher.

Example of a resume for a servant - what information to add?

Housekeeper with residence in the family, Sofia, Bulgaria

October 2013 to September 2017


  • Cleaning (house area - 120 m2);
  • Cooking, including a children's menu;
  • Table setting;
  • Washing and ironing steam generator;
  • Care of the wardrobe;
  • Walking dogs and caring for them;
  • Care of plants in the house.


  • Diploma of the course "Housekeeper-housekeeper";
  • There are recommendations from the previous employer;
  • I'm fond of the cuisines of the peoples of the world, I know how to cook a lot.


Thus, these three professions - maid, housekeeper and housekeeper - are very similar, but still different. At the same time, today, the employer often wants to hire a universal employee, so all these functions can be performed by one person. Therefore, it is important for you to fill in a CV and indicate the desired position, and in parallel to look for suitable vacancies. Then you can find the most suitable place for you.

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