Attention, important information - the number of reasons for which they can refuse to apply for a Polish visa has increased

2019 | 12 | 17 827

The last month of the summer of 2019 was marked by an important and significant innovation for zarobitchans. The number of official arguments for refusing to apply for a visa to the Polish Republic increased by almost 4 times. If earlier this figure was 11, today it is 40 weighty arguments.

            First of all, the conclusion suggests itself that such a significant increase significantly complicates the possibility of obtaining a visa when applying for the necessary documentation package. But you need to figure out whether the situation is really so complicated?

            As the reality shows, the situation with obtaining a visa is ambiguous, dual. The fact is that the number of reasons for refusing to apply for a visa to Poland formally remained at the same level - in the amount of 11. More detailed and thorough information can be found on the Internet by reading the relevant information materials on visa issues related to the regulation of visa relations between Ukraine and the Polish Republic.

            It is noteworthy that the remaining 29 points apply only to the following categories of foreign citizens (including Ukrainians). So, the new restrictions concern:

  • scientists, students, employees of scientific institutions;
  • restrictions also affect workers of volunteer movements and organizations;
  • interns traveling for an internship in Poland.

            Therefore, be careful: if you are planning a trip to the Polish Republic, and your social status belongs to one of the categories listed above, you must carefully read the contents of the new restrictions.

It has become much more difficult to apply for a student visa to study in the Polish Republic          

 Based on the latest statistics from the Consulate of Poland in Ukraine, requests for a work visa are leading among the total number of visa applications received. In second place is the issuance of a visa to study at Polish educational institutions.

            Until August 2019, the situation with applying for and obtaining a student visa was absolutely clear, simple and transparent. It is interesting that in many respects due to the simplicity of this permit, an impressive number of graduates of Ukrainian schools and colleges decided to get higher education in the neighboring European country - Poland.

            However, at the end of the summer of 2019, just in anticipation of the new school year, the situation significantly, if not to say - radically, changed in the negative direction. Newly made Ukrainian students planning to study in Poland have become much more problematic to apply for a study visa.

            Speaking specifically about such barriers - hampering innovations, one of the main changes is the mandatory confirmation of the availability of financial resources that a foreign (Ukrainian) student has at his disposal. The amount of necessary financial resources and recommended methods of documentary evidence of their availability can be found in the relevant materials on the Internet.

            It is important to note that the reason for the refusal of a student visa related to an insufficient amount of funds is detailed in paragraph 16 of the new document. Information is also provided on what documentary methods can confirm the availability of funds.

            The financial criterion for the refusal of a visa is also specified in clause 17. It informs that a foreign student is required to document the payment for tuition at a Polish educational institution.

For some types of visas to Poland, the reason for the refusal may be due to the fact that a foreign citizen can not documently confirm his future residence in the territory of the Polish Republic. This situation is specified in paragraphs 30 and 39 of the New List of Visa Restrictions for Foreign Citizens.

            Therefore, if your immediate plans include applying for a national Polish visa, you must be extremely attentive even to minor details when submitting documents to the Consulate. Such a scrupulous approach will minimize the risk of rejection and will not violate your life plans related to working or studying in the neighboring European country - Poland.

            If you have any questions about paperwork, contact the qualified specialists of the employment agency in Europe Promo Choice. We regularly monitor relevant information on changes in visa regulations and provide clients with detailed, comprehensive consultations.

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