Features of the profession: nanny, nanny-servant, governess. What is the difference? Duties.

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Children is our happiness, joy and pleasure. Spending time with a child means fully experience a kind, gentle, sensual atmosphere of love and harmony.

 Modern life is arranged in such a way that parents can not always be near their baby, be engaged in its development, upbringing and teaching. In such cases, good fairies - nannies, nanny-housekeeper and governess are ready to help. Еhe link https://promo-choice.com will help you to find the qualified personnel of this category.

   Before you look for a suitable person, you should clearly understand the difference between the listed professions. So, the main difference between a nanny and a governess is determined by the age of the child they work with. If the service of a nanny is needed for families with very young children, the governess works with schoolchildren or children preparing for school. But the nanny-housekeeper is a person who has the greatest workload, as she has to cope with the duties of a nanny and, if necessary do odd jobs about the house. I must say that both professions involve the pedagogical education for the staff, but in contrast to nannies, governesses are specialists of specialized education (mathematics, philology, biology, foreign languages, etc.).

     Of course, modern parents want their kids to develop from an early age: to lean foreign languages, chess games, musical instruments. In fact, this trend is not justified, because kids need more care and warmth. Nanny's duties are to take care of the child's health: regular timely feeding, bedtime, the walks, active and logical games. Such a list of functions does not mean that the nurse should not be interested in the mental development of the child, but still its main task is to ensure safety and childcare.

    If the parents understand that because of their employment they do not have time to check the homework, help it in solving educational difficulties, then parents should turn to the governess's services. Surely, this service role also presupposes a kind of childcare (feeding before the school, ironing the shirt), but nevertheless the priority task here is the teaching and development of the child.

    Given the age of the baby, it is worthwhile to understand that this indicator determines the qualifications of a nanny, a governess or a nanny-housekeeper.

    In order to clearly understand the difference between a nanny and a governess, it is necessary to take into account the following: a nanny spends 70% of her working time on solving household issues with the upbringing of the child, and the governess - only about 30%.

 Nanny usually performs the following functions:

  • monitors the baby daily regime;
  • feeds and prepares food, washes and irons children's clothes;
  • removes in the nursery;
  • walks with the child;
  • bathes the child;
  • visits and accompanies the child to children's institutions.

 The duties of the governess assume:

  • care of the child and observe the daily regime,
  • make walks,
  • conduct educational games,
  • prepare for school or help to master the school curriculum,
  • ethical and aesthetic development of the child.

  Nannies-housekeeper do everything that a nanny and a housekeeper.

     When selecting personnel for the child care and development, it is necessary to accurately determine the main purpose of such an action. Sometimes parents assume that the nanny is a kind of housekeeper and begin to demand from her the solution of many domestic issues, for example, to prepare dinner for the whole family, clean the apartment, iron shirts and dresses. Consequently, there is practically no time left to work with the child. We have the same situation when we require the governess to perform the nanny’s function.

    That's why, when choosing personnel for childcare, do not try to catch three birds with one stone. Then you will certainly be satisfied with the result: the development of your child will be harmonious - it will grow healthy and happy, day by day will become more intelligent and well-behaved for your pleasure.

I wish you success!

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