A girl or a woman - which nanny is best to choose?

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How to choose a nanny for a child?

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Choosing a nanny is a very important process, as you choose a person who will have a huge impact on your child and your entire family. One of the first aspects that you think about when looking for a suitable candidate is the age category of the specialist. Whom do you prefer as a nanny - a young girl or an older woman? Let's take a closer look at this issue.

Do not trust stereotypes

We all know such a common belief that an older nanny is more reliable and has much more experience than a young girl. At the same time, the young nanny is more energetic and may be closer in spirit to the child. But in practice, everything can be different: the older woman may be inflexible in her approach, even if it does not work for your child, and can also constantly impose her vision. A young nanny can be quite lazy and be unable to find an approach to children. It is important to understand that each of the two options has both advantages and disadvantages.

Young woman

A young girl often has a minimum work experience as a nanny and does not have her own children, so she may get lost in some moments and make a series of mistakes. But she will treat your child as her own, with a keen interest in the work - for her it has not become a long-term occupation. In addition, the girl is often more energetic and demonstrates more enthusiasm in finding a suitable approach to the child and new, exciting pursuits. A young girl can become something like an older sister for your child, with whom he will happily spend time.

Also, a young girl who does not have her own children, as a rule, can spend more time with your child. For example, stay on a weekend or go with you on vacation.

But choosing a young girl should also take into account that she is still in search of herself and her career, so she can take this job as a temporary occupation. Also, young girls are more likely to change jobs in search of better jobs. Therefore, it is quite realistic scenario when you and your child will become attached to a young nanny, and she decides to leave. Also, young girls can sometimes be quite irrelevant.

Woman with experience

Such a woman usually has a lot of experience - both professional and with her own children. She is a good teacher, since she dealt with different characters, to which one had to find an approach. Such a woman usually has more skills to influence the child and adjust his behavior. Also, such a woman will not indulge the child's desires, what a young girl can do, who often has a strong desire to please the child in any way.

But at the same time, one must understand that an older woman can have less energy and demonstrate less enthusiasm for working with a child. Also, it can have enough hardened looks that may contradict yours.

When choosing a nanny, it is necessary to take into account that the girl most likely wants to become a friend to the child and reduce the barrier between herself and the children, and the older woman will most likely keep a long distance and will try to become the authority for the child.

 Remember that choosing a nanny, in the first place, you need to choose by personal qualities that will impress you more. You can, for example, conduct an interview with several candidates younger and older, to see the picture more fully.


Good luck to you!

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