What is the zarobitan’s mood set when he goes to work in another country?

2019 | 12 | 26 948

When planning to leave for work abroad, the Zarobitan feels both strong motivation and fears. So that overly bright expectations about employment in Europe or another part of the world do not break into harsh reality, the zarobitan should be prepared to meet it fully armed and have powerful self-motivation. What is worth paying attention to and what is the mood to have a zarobitchanin?

  1. Experienced workers (and common sense) advise you to get a job legally, not independently, but through an intermediary agency. Although many zarobitchane say that if you get illegal, you can earn a lot more. Such promises should not confuse you and spoil your mood.
  2. To obtain social and legal guarantees, be sure to register with the Ukrainian Consulate in the host country. In order to have a confident attitude, always keep personal documents with you or in a safe place (safe): passport, medical insurance, visa.
  3. To come home with good earnings and a positive attitude, correctly distribute income while minimizing personal expenses. We are talking about such a financial planning. Saving on food, of course, is not worth it, but you can cook it yourself or buy products at discounts in supermarkets. So experienced zarobitchane advise.
  4. Before traveling to earn money, do not lose your fighting spirit, find out how accommodation will be paid. In some cases, the employer pays for utility bills, in some cases the employer pays when the corresponding amount is deducted from the employer's salary. This must be clarified so as not to be disappointed in place and not to lose one’s mood.
  5. Living conditions depend on the specifics of the vacancy and schedule. Seasonal workers are usually housed in small houses of several people per room. Employees of construction specialties - in wagons heated in winter and relatively comfortable change houses.

In order to strengthen and maintain a positive attitude, psychologists recommend that a group of compatriots go to work. So, together with colleagues, you quickly adapt to the new environment.

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