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2018 | 04 | 21 2997

What a happiness it is to be in a clean space, not overloaded with a huge amount of things! Junk takes our resources of attention, creativity and moral strength. And for a good job seeker, this is vital. Because excellent and well-organized work means the same qualities for all workers, including their management of their living space and time.

  But how to keep the house clean without spending a huge amount of time and effort on cleaning? People have always struggled with this task, but no compromise has yet been found. Those who are richer, hired a service of cleanliness, and those who could not afford it - cleaned themselves or sat in disarray.

  Until ConMari appeared (from the first syllable of the surname and name Marie Kondo) - a small fragile girl from Japan, a genius in organizing space. Since childhood, she loves to clean up the house and made it his profession. Her book immediately became a bestseller and it can change your life.

What is the principle of this method?
In her book, Marie talks not about how regularly you need to remove dust, what means you need to apply to cleanse stains and how much time you need to clean the house after a revel. Her method of harvesting is truly global, and in some ways, even devastating - for old habits, obsolete habits, outdated stereotypes and behavioral clichés. It destroys harmful behaviors and patterns. As a result of restoring order by the ConMari method, as her clients say, miraculous large-scale transformations of lifestyle almost always occur. “By putting your house in order, a person also puts in order his thinking and his past. As a result, he is more clearly aware of what he needs in life and what he does not need. What is worth doing and what is not worth it. ”

  Marie believes that the key secret of effective cleaning is: “If you clean up at once, and not by a piece, you can change your thinking and life line forever.” Every day there is a treacherous splinter in the cleaning every day: there is no end to such cleaning and the edges are not visible, and this is discouraging. Removing little by little, one site at a time, people often do not immediately see the obvious fruits of their work, it seems to them that all their efforts are in vain. While a large-scale cleaning in a short time gives a tremendous charge of energy and joy, makes “reset” in thinking and takes life to a new, higher level. Great, isn't it?

   “Effective cleaning consists of only two key steps:

  • remove all unnecessary and
  • find a place for the right. "

And it does not limit the amount of this necessary. But common sense in practice shows that the larger it is, the more it will require maintenance and storage space.

   Goal Setting: Happy Life
  As Marie says, you need to define a goal before each cleaning. Ask yourself: how do you want to see the result? Where do you want to go home? What do you want to do after crossing the threshold of your home - an apartment or house? Draw yourself a colorful, real picture in your mind, and then ask yourself: why do I need it? Do this several times to the row. You will be surprised, but as a result, each answer to all these “why?” Will be: “To be happy.” This is the most important thing that we are all looking for in life - happiness. And our orderly house will contribute to this.

   Beginning of action: Getting rid of trash.
Marie Kondo divides cleaning into two parts: first, to throw away everything that does not bring joy; the second is to find a place for what is left. Of course, this sounds somewhat categorical: “does not bring joy,” but in practice, this law is “gold” in principle to ConMari. And that's the point: very often people surround themselves with countless things, store something without thinking or store for future use and do not even know why there is some kind of tension and an enduring feeling of anxiety or fatigue. Even when they realize that they own an excessive amount of things and have long lost control over them - this does not save. Because when people decide to get rid of things, throwing things one at a time and generally focusing on what needs to be thrown out, according to Marie, leads to constant stress. You need to focus not on what you want to throw away, but on what to leave. Feel the difference? This is important because people, surrounded by objects that are dear to their heart, cease to feel background irritation, are finally released and feel happier.

  The whole point is to take each object in hand: the subconscious mind will not deceive you. Your whole body will feel a positive or negative feeling in the first second. And you will understand - whether this thing pleases you or not. And for each thing the response will be its own special.

“What is the general sense of cleaning? If it is not that the environment around us and the things in it bring us happiness, otherwise, it seems to me, there is not the slightest sense in it ”.

  People are not inclined to keep things of the same kind in the same zone. Therefore, the rule “to clean by zones” is not truly productive: clothes, shoes, household items can be in various (sometimes quite unexpected) places in our house; very often we do not realize how many things we really have. In her method, Marie teaches us to deal with varieties of things and do it this way: very carefully collect items of one category in one place and then deal with them. The order of the groups is very important: according to Marie, you should start with the simplest type of things that you can easily decide on: throw away or leave, and gradually move on to more important things. The order of sorting things by the method of Con Marie is as follows:

  • clothes,
  • toys,
  • paper,
  • different from tools to various warehouses of provisions (where to our person without stocks!),

things to remember
sentimental things (gifts, notes, travel souvenirs, fridge magnets and so on),
photo albums.
   Another important life hack: so many sentimental things that we store as memory can be photographed and thrown away. Electronic media does not take up much space, especially since the photo can be uploaded to the Internet storage. This includes old tickets, checks, notes, letters, etc. The method is tested and works perfectly!

The next brilliant invention of Con Marie is a vertical way of storing things. The method consists in the fact that everything that can be put on the edge should be stored vertically: clothes, literature, etc. It perfectly saves space and makes the space tidy. An excellent overview of each category of things.

Read the book by Marie Kondo. Magical cleaning. The Japanese art of establishing order at home and in life!

We also advise you to read about the secrets of sleeping geniuses!

We hope that it will be your guide to action!

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