Where to find the motivation to learn English?

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If you have a need or desire to learn a new language - the first step has already been taken! It is with motivation that this path begins. Having a specific goal, it will be easier for you to achieve it. And if you have not clearly identified it, our article will help you with this.

Part with stereotypes

Learning a foreign language is fanned by myths that are convenient to use as excuses. We will destroy the main ones right now, leaving you no chance to leave everything halfway through.

Learning a language from scratch is possible only in childhood.
The misconception that it is more difficult for adults is dispelled by scientists. Studies have proven the opposite: in a conscious age, intuition contributes to the understanding of grammatical rules before they are studied. With age, there is no interference with studies, except perhaps employment at work or a large number of domestic affairs. According to statistics, many begin to learn a new language after 20 years and achieve excellent results. So, even if you are no longer a child, it's never late to start.

Classes are expensive.
Lessons with a tutor or attending courses really require finance. But self-study of a foreign language will not cost you a penny! Today, the Internet replaces the dictionary, phrase book and grammar textbook combined. Find free courses, exercises, step-by-step program and even the interlocutor-native speaker can be a few clicks. Decide which format is convenient for you, evaluate your initial level - and look for a method that meets your needs.

Lack of language skills.
In fact, there are no people in the world who are unable to master a new language. There are lazy and insufficiently purposeful. When hands are lowered, remember this.

Language learning will take more than one year.
Indeed, remember and learn will have a lot of information. But you must understand that you do not need to know, and not really, all the words of a foreign language. You own your family perfectly, but you can express yourself in a few hundred words. For example, in English, 65% of the written material includes about 300 words. This is quite enough to start. And this scheme is relevant for most languages ​​of the world.

Having dispelled the most common myths, start searching for your personal motivation.

Formulate a goal

Your goal should be specific and not blurry in time. For example, to reach the Intermediate level for six months. In this case, you must soberly assess your source data and the amount of information you will encounter. If you are a beginner, then do not go ahead and your first goal is to set the initial level of English.

When the main goal is formulated, make a plan. In as much detail as possible so that there is no temptation to retreat from it. Get a special diary and write tasks for it every day. For example: learn 20 new words, see the “Friends” series in English with subtitles, read 2 pages of a bilingual book, chat with a foreigner for 15 minutes, etc. The more varied your training program, the higher the likelihood that you will not get bored.

Well-defined deadlines are important so as not to stretch the training for a year. Having painted the plan for several months in advance, you will be able to record your successes. Regularly pass tests to determine the level of knowledge and monitor progress. This will be an additional motivation.

Make a list that in the future will give you fluency in English. Hang it in a prominent place to re-read and motivate yourself in moments of doubt. There you can make:

  • the ability to travel without language barriers;
  • access to new knowledge - foreign sources of information, books, textbooks;
  • reading fiction in English in the original;
  • watching movies and TV shows without translation;
  • a chance to get a promotion or even a new profession that you have long dreamed of;
  • free communication with foreigners - suddenly you will have friends abroad, to
  • whom you can come to visit;

the prospect of moving to English-speaking countries for permanent residence.
And, of course, write down those points that will motivate you. Try to present them as clearly as possible so that the anticipation of new opportunities pushes you forward.

Make learning fun

In the study of English cramming will not give real results. Language needs to be felt, to be able to apply its knowledge in any situation and select the right words. Therefore, if your motivation is broken about a boring picture of sitting behind a textbook, then this method has not been relevant for a long time. There are so many modern approaches that making learning interesting is easier than ever.

Choose the formats that will be most comfortable for you:

  1. If you are quite sociable, you want to study for a company, to communicate a lot with people who have the same goals as you, try group lessons. Find good courses can be on the advice of friends or reviews on the Internet. Excellently recommended system of training in the link. Try it - perhaps this is exactly what you were looking for.
  2. If you are an introvert and shy of society, but self-study does not work, contact your tutor. You can do as you meet several times a week, and not leaving home on Skype. Find a good teacher is not easy, so we advise you to check: link. Whether you can find a common language with him, and he will approach you, you can understand at a free lesson.
  3. Self-study has its drawbacks: lack of professional control, the likelihood of choosing ineffective methods. But there is a plus - saving money. It is convenient that you can choose the method of training for yourself individually. Someone prefers printed books, dictionaries and textbooks, someone electronic, one is convenient to engage in the phone through tutorials and audio lessons, others motivate games.
    The signs that you made the right choices are your success and progress in your language skills. If they do not, urgently change the approach.

Enjoy the process

Not only the goal is important, but also the way to achieve it. If studying you is not a joy, then you can forget about motivation. It is possible to force yourself to pore over vocabulary, but in the end your effectiveness will be close to zero.

If non-standard teaching methods do not inspire you enough, look for incentives outside the learning process. Praise yourself for small and big victories, please with gifts, shopping. Let the result for you be closely associated with positive emotions. Have you ever dreamed of a new dress or a stylish watch? Identify for yourself 10 tasks approaching the goal and complete them. Inspired by the stimulus, you will more easily learn the new rules and memorize the words. This motivation works at 100%.

From small joys, gradually move to more global ones. Let the prize for your success be a trip or a big purchase. So you can improve your knowledge and more value what you have achieved with your work.

Find financial motivation

Pragmatists are little inspired by ghostly perspectives, but monetary gain can be decisive for setting a learning goal. Is it possible to earn money from my knowledge of English? And how!

First, you can work abroad. Needless to say that in Europe the level of wages is much higher than ours. Find a suitable job, even with minimal knowledge of the language here: link. If you find it difficult to decide to work in an unfamiliar country, you can start there as a volunteer. By the way, some of them also get pocket money. Just choose what you like and bring benefits to society. Proven volunteer organizations can be found at: link.

Secondly, you can earn money as a tutor or translator. Naturally, when you reach a certain level. This will bring you a good extra income, which over time can become the main job.

Thirdly, you can wipe on cooperation with foreign business partners. Of course, dropshipping is available without knowledge of the English language, but owning them gives much greater opportunities in a foreign market.

 We hope that helped you find your motivation, and you no longer read this sentence, but put your goal into life!

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