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2019 | 12 | 06 779

Migration question: what salary indicators can stop the labor migration of Ukrainian citizens?

The tendency to increase the number of Ukrainian workers is an objective, clear indicator of the recent history of our Ukrainian state. The growth of labor migration intensified after the economic collapse and the difficult political situation that took place in 2014.

After 5 years, despite the relative normalization of the situation and an increase in average wages in our country, the flows of labor migrants to Western Europe not only do not weaken, but also demonstrate an annual upward trend. If at the beginning of the emergence of this process, the leadership of our country looked at the mass labor migration of Ukrainians as an insignificant phenomenon, now this phenomenon is receiving great attention from the Ukrainian authorities.

At the beginning of this year, the Ukrainian National Bank noted that mass labor migration of citizens is one of the significant threatening factors for the Ukrainian state. A dynamic, stable departure of workers to countries with high wages is causing a shortage of personnel in our country. In addition, labor migration encourages Ukrainian employers to increase the wages of the remaining employees. These factors, combined together, act as a braking barrier to the progress of the Ukrainian state and activate inflation growth in general.

Thus, the main reason for the labor migration of our citizens is the low level of wages in our state. Also, labor experts point out additional reasons for the increase in labor migration: young specialists lack the possibility of professional realization, there is an insufficient level of social protection and low safety indicators in general.

Let's not rely on mythical conjectures and assumptions, but find out about the reasons for the departure of the residents from them. First-hand information - from Ukrainian workers in Poland was unveiled by the Polish sociological company Personnel Service, having conducted the study “The barometer of labor migration - the second half of last year”.

And actually, more than half of the respondents, answering the questions, noted that they chose employment in Poland because of the high level of wages. About 30% of respondents said that in Poland employers offer more vacancies than in other countries of Western Europe. A little more than 12% said that one of the important factors in choosing a country for labor migration was a calm, stable political situation.

Based on the study, it can be concluded that one of the significant reasons for migration is wage indicators, and in second place is directly the opportunity to get decent employment.

In this regard, the assumptions of the domestic authorities that migrant workers will no longer go abroad to work as soon as the level of wages increase in Ukraine become obvious. It remains only to find out: what is the salary ratio attractive to Ukrainians?

In accordance with the data of the above sociological study, Ukrainian earners earn in Poland an average of 2.5-3 thousand zlotys per month. Unskilled personnel receive 1.5-2 thousand zlotys per month. For travel, payment for accommodation and meals, the average level of costs is 300 zlotys. Thus, the net average income of the Zarobitch citizen is 2-2.5 thousand zlotys, which in terms of hryvnias is from 13.5 to 17 thousand domestic currency

When in Ukraine there will be a sufficient number of vacancies with similar salary indicators (minus mandatory contributions, contributions and taxes), then our compatriots will stop leaving for work in Poland and other European countries.

In the meantime, the figures for actual salaries in Ukraine are far from the desired indicators, so Ukrainian citizens are forced to go abroad. And Ukrainian employment agencies in Europe help our compatriots find decent work with reliable and responsible employers.

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