Medicine for visitors in Poland

2019 | 07 | 01 3424

We hope that you will not encounter health problems abroad and have prepared a short briefing on what you need to know about health and treatment in the Republic of Poland.

In terms of medical care in the country, everything is quite simple: there are public free and private paid hospitals.

What documents are needed to get to the hospital in Poland

To get an appointment with a specialist, you should have with you:

  • international passport or residence card;
  • insurance (ZUS) with the current period of validity;
  • working contract / contract of employment (umowa o pracęumowa zlecenia);

Call an ambulance

It all depends on your current state. In case there is a threat to life - call an ambulance. Number: 999. Depending on the condition of the patient, the ambulance arrives in 5-20 minutes.

An ambulance call is not a free service, but you have to communicate with the operator who makes the decision: send the car to you or give recommendations where to go to solve current health problems.

Emergency call in Poland is relevant for:

  • sharp pains;
  • significant bleeding;
  • acute poisoning;
  • heart attack, heart attack, stroke;
  • loss of consciousness;
  • acute psychological attack;
  • a fracture that does not allow free movement;
  • exacerbation of serious chronic diseases.

In general, it is worth calling an ambulance if you are unable to reach the hospital for health reasons, are life-threatening and your health is seriously threatened and requires the immediate intervention of specialists.

The price for a call depends on the type of services rendered. However, it is fully covered by almost any insurance. Therefore, arrange medical insurance if you are planning a trip to Poland and other countries.

Visit doctor

Insurance is very important. A doctor's visit, tests, laboratory tests at the first visit will cost 300-800 zlotys. With this insured insurance (in 99% of cases) for free. Those. to spend a thousand hryvnia for registration in Ukraine or in unforeseen circumstances, to pay out 3 thousand hryvnia for inspection and diagnostics only - the benefit is obvious.

The insured immigrant can choose any hospital. Chose, then follow the steps:

Submit a questionnaire to the registry.
In order for you to be registered and registered with the card at the hospital, you must register through the registry. Ask for help - they will provide you with a form to fill out and will guide your next actions.

Record to the doctor.

Through the same registry you are added to the queue to the specialist. The first visit is a family doctor, or as it is called here - the doctor of the first contact. However, with chronic diseases, as well as with specific problems, you can sign up for highly specialized doctors:

  • gynecologist;
  • venereologist;
  • urologist;
  • oncologist;
  • psychiatrist;
  • oculist.

It should be borne in mind that in Poland long queues and you can wait up to a week before you get to the reception.

Exceptions: severe pain and acute symptoms.

I am glad that the queues in Poland are really the queues, where you are taken at exactly the agreed time, without: “And I just ask ...” and a live queue.

First visit
Inspection, referral for analyzes, recommendations. If the therapist makes a specific diagnosis and writes prescriptions for treatment, then everything is simple. However, if the family doctor decides that other specialists need help, he will write out a referral and you need to visit another specialist.

For the rest, proceed based on the recommendations of the doctor and everything will be fine!

Do not be ill and be sure to make out insurance when planning a trip to Poland and abroad.

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