TOP-15 foreign vacancies: who got the dream job

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We have prepared for you a list of vacancies abroad, which went to the lucky ones. Otherwise you cannot call them: dream work, on which you want to fly the sutra early, from which the “working burnout” does not occur, when the holidays are not pleasing, since you will have to leave your hobby. So, what are the best jobs in the world.

Top 15 jobs in the world

Vacancy 1: Sleep and get rich: professional spoiler.

He came to work, put on his favorite pajamas, wrapped himself in a blanket and went into passive labor activity for 8-10 hours without a break for lunch. A dream, right? Sleep and get rich - that's what everyone wants and gets such the best job in the world of rare luckies.

Everywhere: France, the USA, Canada, England and other countries have already recognized the problem that is developing rapidly and affecting the quality of life of people: insomnia, sleep disorders. Seeking to find the causes and methods of treatment - the institutes hire professional spoilers. And they pay from 5 thousand euros per month.

Requirements for candidates are quite high: good health, no bad habits, readiness to change the rhythm of life, workload, employment, on demand, to move abroad.

While the problem with sleep is relevant - the vacancy of professional professional will occasionally flash on the labor market abroad.

Vacancy 2: Traveler.

Yes, they can pay for travel too. The best job to go abroad. Unfortunately, one gets lucky to get such a job: you need to create interesting topical content that will attract a potential employer and advertise on your blog / page on social networks. There are two ways:

sign a contract with a company (often a travel company), which will sponsor trips abroad, systematically pay salaries.
keep your own page or blog traveler, create interesting and unique content, attracting advertisers from abroad.
Payment for such a top job abroad starts from 2 thousand dollars.

Vacancy 3: Gamer.

Not for everyone, but only for fans of computer, mobile, and also games on the console. The stereotype that computer games are life-giving, they take time and do not give anything in return, is prevalent at most in Ukraine, Russia and the CIS countries. Abroad, in countries such as: America, Europe, China have learned how to earn good money.

There are three ways of development:

game tester;
sale of in-game items and services: achieved success - help another for money;
streamer - removes flyplays, guides, etc., uploads to the network on special channels and gets good money, depending on popularity;
professional sport - the prize fund for Dota2 in 2018 was $ 20 million.
Vacancy of the gamer abroad rare, is in a great demand. To get an invitation to one of these jobs, you need to love the games, spend a lot of time on them, and you can make money from 2 thousand dollars a month without even going abroad.

Vacancy 4: Specialist in jumping on mattresses.

This vacancy is included in the ranking of unique professions. You can meet her abroad, so that those who realize that jumping on mattresses is his vocation will have to move. It is necessary to hurry, as the robots are beginning to crowd out specialists in this field.

Top vacancy is relevant in the production of mattresses abroad. The jumper tests certain properties of mattresses, orthopedic indicators in order to assess the resistance of the mattress under dynamic load.

Vacancy 5: Pandonian.

China in 2017 was looking for a Pandonian for animals. Unfortunately, the best foreign vacancy in the field of animal care is still closed, but who knows, maybe soon the employees of Giant Panda Protection will look for assistants and specialists for new reserves.

The duties of the nanny include only one task - to entertain the pandas. For which the specialist receives 32 thousand dollars a year, does not pay for accommodation, meals, uses the company's car.

Vacancy 6: Drone operator.

Harmless entertainment - the management of drones and shooting landscapes (specific objects) with a camera can bring from 30 thousand dollars a year, as well as paid travel abroad, accommodation and meals.

Vacancy 7: Island guard.

In 2009, Ben Southall won the jackpot and got the top vacancy abroad - the keeper of the Great Barrier Reef. His duties for six months included: daily cruises around the reefs, diving for photo-video reports, blogging. This kind of semi-annual vacation, right?

Abroad there are vacancies, as caretakers of houses / islands for a non-resort period. When the owners do not have the opportunity to look after their paradise, they hire rangers who are well paid for looking after luxury mansions on sandy beaches.

Vacancy8: Master of purchases.

Oh, this is not a profession, but a dream. Walk, choose and buy. You have to spend other people's money and, alas, on other people's needs.

Shoppers are hired by those who physically can not cope with shopping lists. It can be as people with disabilities, as well as those who do not have time to pay attention to shopping.

Services may include: the purchase of products, interior items, clothing. The profession is very popular among celebrities abroad: chances are greater if your height and figure correspond to the same parameters of the customer.

Vacancy 9: Taster sweets.

How can top-overseas vacancies do without the "cherry" on the cake? And the taster employee will have to try a lot every day. Sweets manufacturers are always looking for talented taste geniuses who can correctly evaluate the finished product and give clear recommendations.

For this profession often require higher culinary education, knowledge of the technology of preparation of various goodies.

Usually, employees who have received an invitation for a sweet tooth vacancy are paid for classes in the gym, and the salary allows you not to refuse anything to yourself. But this, of course, in companies abroad.

Vacancy 10: Amusement Tester.

Top 10 foreign job is not for the faint of heart: to test rides and sometimes quite dangerous. For example, in 2013, Sebastian Smith became the official tester of the company's rides abroad, First Choice. His responsibilities included: testing the entertainment equipment of a company installed throughout the world. The man just traveled at the expense of the company, had fun in the water parks and evaluated the rides according to the criteria: strength, speed, adrenaline. And he was still well paid for it! Lucky some ...

Vacancy 11: Tagger Netflix.

75 employees of the well-known streaming company Netflix are called taggers. The best vacancy abroad is to watch new episodes of TV shows produced by the studio. Of course, you will have to create content classification tables. Each episode has to be ottegirut, in order to further enter the data into the search databases, which facilitate filtering the series suitable for the user.

Total: watch the series and get a generous reward for it. True, will have to move abroad.

Vacancy 12: Food-stylist.

Not a profession, but the whole art. The best vacancy abroad is to prepare food for a photo shoot. Yes, yes, we must look for angles, complement the image with details and in general be quite resourceful. Vacancy abroad is in demand: for photo and video filming of new products, dishes for restaurants, etc.

You have to be resourceful and figure out how to prevent the ice cream from melting under the lights, how to make the “Mozzarella” on the pizza stretch even after two hours - will you be able to? - Welcome to the profession, you are waiting for 50 thousand dollars a year and many interesting working hours.

Vacancy 13: Party People.

And they pay for it too. The profession is not advertised, rather clandestinely offered to famous bloggers and people from show business. The best job of a party-goer is available abroad, in Ukraine and Russia is very rare and as a one-time action.

You should visit various custom-made events, post reports, photos from them, attract the attention of the public and subscribers. It is necessary to look for successful angles, have fun, drink - all this is at the expense of the company.

Vacancy 14: Beer sommelier.

Dream vacancy for men. It occurs everywhere: in Ukraine, Russia, but more often - abroad. Manufacturing companies have a tasting team on staff, whose task is to test new drinks and improve old ones.

Also beer tasters take part in various exhibitions (beer festivals), competitions as judges.

But the vacancy is suitable not for everyone, but only for connoisseurs, with developed taste abilities.

Vacancy 15: Michelin Inspector.

Vacancy abroad, in our country is not recognized, as the institutions are not yet evaluated by Michelin inspectors.

Every day to eat at least one dish in the list of inspected establishments. Those. Five days a week you need to go somewhere and try something at the expense of the eminent Michelin company. Sounds cool, right?

An overseas company pays its inspectors well, but also requires them accordingly: education, experience of 10 years, testing courses in France. The rest is total secrecy and incognito. Exposure threatens dismissal.

At last

We haven’t mentioned the cat keeper, the penguin picker, the Lego collector, etc. There are a lot of interesting vacancies abroad, you just need to be able to find them. And if you're lucky - you will not work a single day!

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