Seasonal vacancies

2018 | 06 | 21 2310

“I am looking for a seasonal Jedi job in Bali or the Butterfly Stylist in Thailand.” Only pessimists will say that this is completely impossible. Optimists will search and find them. The market for seasonal vacancies is not so diverse: basically it is either a tourism sector or an agricultural one.

   The geography is very extensive.
You can look for seasonal work in Israel, Scandinavia, Germany, Cyprus, on farms in Australia and New Zealand. In general, work is everywhere. Further, as they say, a matter of taste. Do you want fun, celebration and carnival? Go to the resorts for the summer season and look for any dust-free job:

  • receptionist in the hotel;
  • seller of excursions, donuts or cotton candy;
  • animator;
  • operator in amusement parks, water parks, etc .;
  • maid;
  • lifeguard on the beaches;
  • parking attendant;
  • waiter and bartender;
  • assistant cook;

   Lack of qualifications is not a problem.
   Not enough qualifications, do not like noisy resort cities? Not too scary, you can easily look for seasonal work in a cozy European village. Anyone can pick berries or fruits, it would be physical health. The conditions are almost the same everywhere, regardless of whether you gut the Norwegian fish, pick German blueberries, French strawberries or Spanish citrus fruits.

   Working conditions.
   Almost everywhere will be offered piecework or hourly work. Work day from 12 to 16 hours, with one day off per week. There will be no time for long voyages around the country, but in Europe, the main source of seasonal vacancies, the distances are not that big, this is not Mother Siberia. But you can earn good money, because they will pay for the work at a price that is much higher than the average salary in the CIS countries. Approximately - 15 euros per day, if you intend to work, and not “Roly Felix”. Frequently, housing costs are deducted from seasonal workers, usually between 1 and 4 euros per day. Also have to spend money on food and transport. Although there are cases when the owner of the farm takes breakfast and delivery to the field and back. Harvesting wild berries is much more difficult, but they also pay for them in Europe much higher, on average about 5-7 euros per kilogram. Prices and costs are directly dependent on the country. Poland is considered the cheapest, one of the most profitable is Finland.

   Rights and obligations.
   Labor laws precisely regulate the rights and duties of seasonal workers. Pay for the slightest violation, at best, short-term deportation, at worst, everything can turn out to be a prison sentence. Take the job registration procedure very carefully, and this will help avoid problems. The labor inspectorate does not like illegal immigrants anywhere. In no case do not settle for "dark" salaries, fraudsters are found not only in our country. Most likely they will be deceived, because you cannot defend yourself in court. And the example of Poland speaks eloquently about the scale of crimes in the field of seasonal vacancies: in 2016 about 1 million work permits were issued there, but only half came to registration. The statistics is relentless - 50% of illegal immigrants were caught and deported with restrictions on entry into the countries of the Schengen agreement in the first month, the remaining 50% were eventually deceived by employers.

   The search for official seasonal work is not so difficult, there would be a desire. Do not complicate your life, especially if you consider this option as a preparation for immigration. Starting with wrongdoing is not the best step. It is much more promising to leave a good impression about yourself, get acquainted with the peculiarities of the country, learn a language and make the necessary contacts that will be useful to you in the future.

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